How Netsmartz helped a Sports Analytics Firm build High-Caliber Software & ensure Quality

Sports Analytics firm used Netsmartz’s resources to ensure quality

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Netsmartz was brought in to supplement the organization’s development team. On that note, our engineers worked with different specialists to resolve issues and fix bugs in the software and helped the sports firm’s team craft high-caliber software.

About The Company

The Organization is a sports analytics firm based out of Illinois that focuses on data collection and sports-based analytics for distance running teams and general fitness customers.

The platform that our resource worked on was a mobile system that used a universal timer to allow people –particularly coaches, distance running teams, cross-country teams, and track-and-field teams – to collect data at training and sports meets.

About Sports Analytics

The Tech Stack

















Team Composition

The team consisted of QA resources, Full stack developers, and a Senior Engineer to map the app’s progress while acting as a SPOC for the in-house team at the sports firm.

The Problem Statement

Since the industry and the sports/fitness market were fast-moving, the client was keen on learning about iterative development.

This was supposedly possible only with a strong development partner with proven expertise and experience delivering intuitive applications.

Additionally, the client needed clarification about reliability of a software partner and the dedicated team. The client also expressed their hesitation – since they had to invent and reinvent a solution – thus their apprehension in working with a sweatshop/freelancer.

The Challenge

The Sports firm had a primary application already in the development phase. However, the firm needed assistance in managing the technical issues, bugs, and dev sprints while working with other development teams.

The goal was to work collaboratively across teams to craft a high-performance application – tackling eventual obsolescence and grow iteratively as per the market/customer feedback loops.

On that note, the sports firm brought in Netsmartz to provide senior engineering resources to help hash out bugs and fix any technical troubles in the app.

The Solution

Netsmartz was chosen after a deliberate research process – wherein the sports firm looked through different agencies that could supplement their team. Since they were a startup, the budget was a critical in selecting the right strategic partner. Netsmartz, was chosen as the righ fit for the firm through its proven delivery strategy and its on-demand, affordable services.

As for the solution, Netsmartz provided senior-level engineering services and supplemented a lot of the bug-fixing and adjustment efforts for the application. Along with the client’s team, we also worked towards stabilizing the platform by taking out and reengineering different erroneous sections, working closely with the QA specialists and principal engineers.

Our Process

Netsmartz followed its proven routine of vetting, allocation, and collaboration for this engagement.

Mapping & Vetting Developers

After the scope of development and testing was finalized, Netsmartz allocate a senior engineer to act as a SPOC, helm the engagement, and allocated developers flexibly to take care of the client’s development requirements. Additionally, the Senior Engineer also placed QA resources to manage bugs and ascertain the viability of the client’s primary app.


Netsmartz’s team worked in an Agile manner – considering the iterative nature of development, as well as consistent feedback loops set in place. The work happened in collaborative development sprints with our Senior engineer. Netsmartz’s Senior Resource also worked towards creating a seamless collaboration schematic while reducing the errors and issues on the platform.

Scaling & Reporting

The work and its impact were measured by the velocity of tickets sorted and completed. In that regard, our Senior Resource delivered objective results and helped the organization and its team fix all of the bugs on their platform while ensuring seamless development.

The Result

Netsmartz’s Senior Engineer worked in a very agile manner to facilitate smoother development – so that the firm could constantly reprioritize and not base its success on whether or not the deadline was met.

Apart from the resource allocation, Netsmartz’s executive streamlined the communication needed to work through business challenges and other issues while also actively finding additional talent for the client.

The result was an app that was comprehensive in its utility and seamless functionality. The engagement resulted in a quicker time to market for the client, ensuring better customer onboarding & a definitive RoI.


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