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Sports + Data


The Company

The organization is a sports analytics firm based out of Illinois

Our resources worked on a mobile software system that used a universal timer to allow people – particularly coaches, distance running teams, cross-country teams, and track-and-field teams – to collect data at training and sports meets.


Project Highlights

To reengineer the application and introduce stability with functionality

challenges facing

The Challenge

The sports firm had a primary application already in the development phase. However, the firm needed assistance managing the technical issues, bugs, and dev sprints while working with other development teams.

Solutions provided

The Solution

Netsmartz was chosen after a deliberate and intense research process – wherein the sports firm looked through different agencies that could supplement their team. Since they were a startup, the budget was a critical factor in selecting us as the right strategic partner.


The Result

Netsmartz’s senior engineer’s agile approach allowed the firm to reprioritize consistently so that their application was reliable and high-caliber.

The Goal

The goal was to work collaboratively across teams to craft a high-performance app.

  • To craft a functional, bug-free application
  • Deploy engineering services to solve architectural based bugs
  • Bring on-demand engineers and QA resources
  • Bring better collaboration even across time-zones


Key Achievements

  • Provision of senior-level engineering services to supplement the bug-fixing and adjustment efforts
  • High velocity of tickets being addressed to ensure on-time, in-budget delivery
  • Seamless integration between development teams to streamline delivery
  • Reengineering erroneous sections and improving functionality to bring platform stability

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