A publishing company needed a Flexible, Secure, eCommerce Site for the education market

Flexible, secure ecommerce site

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Netsmartz was hired for our expertise with the Magento cloud commerce platform to build the firm an eCommerce site that would be flexible and secure and provide the client’s customers and prospects with a great user experience.

About The Company

The firm is an educational publishing company based out of New Rochelle, New York – with about 1000 employees. The firm focuses on providing classroom-tested solutions that help differentiate instruction and enable better student interaction as well as improved pedagogy. Their programs include content-rich leveled books, differentiated instruction, intervention programs, and professional development.

About online education company

The Tech Stack











Team Composition

1 project manager, 5 developers, 1 senior designer, 1 technical admin, and 2 QA resources were deployed to bring in tech expertise and fluid project management.

The Problem Statement

The premise of the engagement was to build the firm an eCommerce platform on the cloud that would integrate with their ERP system for three different stores. The purpose of this store was to create an ecosystem where a customer can share an account and session across their product verticals. For this purpose, they required a fluid eCommerce site with exceptional UX and a team with pre-set collaboration methodologies and programming skills.

The Challenge

The client required an autonomous team that would guide their project, as well as helps them out with the different strategic aspects of the eCommerce system.

Herein, Netsmartz had to bring in a subject matter expert – a resource well-versed in Magento and the education industry. Additionally, the resources required for the project had to have a strong understanding of the eCommerce store scaling, i.e., more in tune with the business end of things.

Thus Netsmartz allocated a project manager to this engagement – to help guide and track the progress of the engagement through pre-defined milestones.

The Solution

Netsmartz engaged with the client to jumpstart eCommerce development. It was an engagement from scratch, i.e., Netsmartz had to start from the foundations, and the resources had to define tenets and protocols and the technical requirements before getting the programming started.

The foundational architecture was set by the senior resources and the project manager. The engagement was agile, wherein Netsmartz brought in QA resources and designers on a rolling basis (only when required) – keeping the engagement low-cost for the client.

The initial engagement started with 3 developers, 1 project manager, 1 subject matter expert, and a technical administrator. After certain milestones were reached, Netsmartz upped the developer roster to a number of 5.

  • Netsmartz’s BYT model helped the client build from scratch and leverage our technical and domain expertise.
  • JIRA was used for tracking work and goals.
  • Netsmartz provided a SPOC who worked in the client’s time zone.

Our Process

The engagement with the client’s project was in the following phases:

Team Engagement

Initially, the project launches with a requirement assessment, an allocation plan, and interviews with candidates. After thoroughly mapping the client requirements, we sorted the candidates for their teams and deployed a project manager.

Mapping & Vetting Developers

After the client showcased their requirements and expectations, an interview was followed to hire eCommerce experts for the projects. After vetting and interviews, the project manager worked with the developers on the project.

Matching the Client’s Processes

The client interacted with the project manager and the developers on daily standups and weekly SCRUM calls to assess the progress, share feedback and provide the much-needed perspective on the solution being built.

The Result

As a result of Netsmartz’s services, the client hired experienced resources with ease and flexibility. The rolling basis engagement allowed them to add resources as and when needed – thus reducing initial investment and lowering their TCO.

It further added to their profitability since they could significantly supplement their strategic efforts with the technical talent provided by Netsmartz.


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