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Netsmartz started working with the client in 2021. It helped design, develop, and implement new features in the customer’s proprietary Transport Management Software (TMS). Our client is a logistics company with Tech at the heart of its logistics operations.

About The Company

  • The client is an Interstate Freight Management Services Company, which has evolved dramatically into Australia’s fastest Transport Management Software (TMS), which provides a platform to integrate various Carriers across the country.
  • The goal is ultimate visibility on all Shipper’s freight movements, live rate comparison, and real-time custom reporting.
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The Tech Stack

Java Technology


Springboot Technology






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Team Composition

2 Full Stack developers

The Problem Statement

For shippers, choosing the best carrier for a particular destination, among options in the local market, is one of the biggest challenges. The client’s TMS is designed to solve this problem and integrate all carriers and related services in one place. However, this integration brings challenges as the system must be seamless yet accept different information formats. Hence, there was a need for a user-friendly, platform-independent solution that could be developed using the latest tech stack at scale.

The Challenge

  • Working with several carriers was challenging because each carrier can have different operating procedures and logistics. Due to the lack of any standard process, it’s challenging to bring together all carriers in one place. Also, managing the preferences of different customers and clients was a monumental task.
  • Communicating with systems that may accept different data and information formats takes time to manage. To solve this problem, the system was designed to provide some standard services like Reporting, Invoicing, Email notifications, Printing, Customer – Client – Carrier registrations, etc. Also, it provides different integration layers to communicate with different carriers. And these integration layers communicate with a standard backend system.

The Solution

At the Frontend, there was a joint presentation layer for Customers and users, further defined and categorized by customers. The front end was highly customizable according to the customer’s needs; for example, they could choose their time zone depending on their state (even country on a global scale), and it could then configure Printers and email settings. Integration with different carriers can also be managed at the customer and client levels.

Also, the features provided can be restricted based on the user profiles designated by the customers. A Super Admin system view was also provided.

This standard frontend layer now communicates with the client’s backend service, which communicates with different carrier systems through integration and standard services.

Data and information from different carrier systems were transformed to and from the backend system. Some of the features we developed:

  • User Onboarding
  • Customer Onboarding
  • Carrier Onboarding
  • Consignment Tracking

Our Process

Netsmartz followed the following process to fulfill the requirements of the client:

Mapping & Identifying Appropriate Resources

The solution required experienced developers who could understand the client’s requirements and provide a practical solution in sync with the industry standards within the deadlines specified by our client. Netsmartz identified experienced developers within its pool of 1000+ employees and helped deliver the project on time.

Team Engagement

The Team engaged with different stakeholders from the client side and understood the client’s goals. Regular engagement with the client ensured the project ran smoothly in an agile environment.

Client Interviews

After the resource selection, the developer candidates were introduced to the client for further vetting and interviews. This process also included getting the developers acquainted with the client, their requirements, processes, and methodologies.

The Result

The primary feature achievements of this project were:

  • A robust, highly efficient, customizable system designed for all stakeholders.
  • A system designed to be scalable to any geographical location and any carrier.
  • A solution powered by the latest technologies, enabling Consignment Tracking
  • Highly Interactive and user-friendly solution based on Modern web design standards.
  • One Touch Printing to print consignments and manifest labels.

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