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Remote Teams in the Creation and Scaling of Your Business

Published: July 9, 2019
Remote Teams in Scaling Business

A remote team is a group of hired professionals who are experts in diverse skills. Today, many businesses prefer to hire remote teams for their software and application development work. Hiring a remote team also allows you to expand your existing team of professionals without investing a large amount.

Anup VP – Sales & Marketing

When you plan to start a new software development company or expand your existing business, you will likely analyze all the aspects and factors around outsourcing. The cost is the most significant part, and you will likely focus more on saving time and money as you plan to proceed. The costs involved in a business startup or expansion include technology costs, professional costs, recruitment costs, and the costs required to pay salary and benefits. All these and many more costs add up to make a big budget.

But, hiring remote teams can save a lot of money as a business function because the automation and software development phase can be outsourced to a reliable and well-established outsourcing partner. It is also important to understand How to Build a Dedicated Team Model and Make it Effective for Your Business.

To do so, you need to identify when and how to outsource. Let’s walk through to some of these scenarios.

5 ways to leverage remote teams in scaling your software development

1. Instantly expand your team with the latest technology professionals: You may already have a team that handles software development, but what if you need to upgrade to the latest technology? Will you hire new resources just for the upgrade? It will cost a lot, and trying to build a team from scratch on your own is difficult. Hiring a remote team that is an expert in the latest technology proves to be a much better approach. Also, you get a new pool of experts as an expansion to your existing team.

2. Get expert professionals rather than using a hit-and-trial method: Hiring a remote team will give you direct access to a well-established software development process. This will save you a lot of time and money that you might otherwise waste in trying to set up a process by yourself.

3. Gain access to costly technology in a cost-effective way: The software development process requires a combination of both paid and free tools. The paid tools are somewhat costly, especially if they are for some high-end features. Buying these tools for many of the programming languages is just not feasible. Instead, your partner remote team will likely have all the required tools in a specific technology stack. This means you not only hire experts but also hire a complete technology package in a budget-friendly way.

4. Easy future expansion: With an adept remote team partner, you will never need to worry about looking for any new resources. Remote teams are a great combination of experts in all domains and emerging technologies under one roof.

5. Hire remote teams only when they aid you in cost savings: The cost of outsourced teams varies widely throughout the world. Today, hiring remote teams is a competitive affair with different pricing policies and terms. You should look for a dedicated development team that fits best to your needs.


If you are looking to startup or scale your software development team, then a set of remote experts can help you take your company to the next level. So, build your software development team with a trusted remote partner for the most promising results.

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