How to Build a Dedicated Team Model and Make It Effective for Your Business

Build Development team model

Do you know what a Dedicated Team Model is?

It is an engagement model that is gaining in popularity with companies looking to outsource software development. The model presents a comprehensive coverage of software development where a client and the service provider mutually agree on the workload and the project requirements.

The client basically builds a team from the vendor talent pool.

The hired team could consist of the entire set of project managers, QA, developers, and SCRUM masters, or could just consist of developers and software engineers.

As such, a Dedicated Development Team is an extension of your team, working solely on your project, full-time, – thus ‘Dedicated’. The model is a feasible approach for enterprises, startups, and businesses of all sizes, since it allows you to add Dedicated Developers to work on your project without going for in-house hiring.

Constituent members of a Dedicated Team –

  • Project Managers
  • Developers
  • Testers and QA
  • Business Analysts
  • UX and UI designers

Of these 5 major elements of common dedicated teams, project managers and developers are the most common hires.

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How can Netsmartz assist you in finding a dedicated team for your business?

At Netsmartz, we’ve helped many companies build and expand their software development teams – adding a remote team component to their existing capabilities.

Netsmartz’s software talent pool has enabled businesses by assisting them in finding the best-fit personnel, resulting in increased scalability, lower costs, and risk mitigation.

However, the most critical aspect is to build a dedicated team that can successfully carry out the whole project within the given time. But, how can you do this? Here in this blog, we will be discussing the same. Keep reading…

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7 Effective Tips to Build a Dedicated Team Model

Here are some of the tips that can help you build a dedicated team model.

1. Look for Motivated People

When beginning the hiring process, start looking for people who share the same qualities, principles, and ideas as you. When discussing skills and experience, make sure the potential candidates fit your project’s needs and requirements.

In addition, an individual should be self-motivated and be able to make technical decisions easily. With a motivated team, you will succeed and progress on-schedule.

2. Understand the Services

Many software development service providers offer different service packs, including quality assurance features and analytics, and project management.

This shows that the company has already tested their services and are confident about their software development and business workflow. Such services can help cut down on client expenditure costs.

Note: Consider managed services instead of stand-alone developer or talent resources to make sure that there is some sense of milestone and contingency plan for your project.

3. Trust People

Probably the essential part of the hiring process is looking for a way to trust people. Several ways can help you do this.

First, go through the team’s competence on various websites that provide the company’s ranking, ratings, and reviews. In addition, you can also get in touch with the previous clients to find out more about their experience.
Establish trust in your team through adequate vetting, interviews, and research.

4. Look for A Developer

You need to inform the outsourcing provider about your project scope and its framework. In addition, you must also clearly tell them the total number of resources and the type of technologies you require.

5. Specify Your Requirements

Make sure to balance your requirements. This will help the service provider look for individuals with specific skill sets and experience to make sure they match your expectations and requirements.

Create a requirement sheet and

6. Manage the Team

To ensure that the project plan goes the way you need it, you need to manage the team and the work progress.
Understand and establish means of communication and ser protocols for updates, tracking, schedule management and expectations around deliverables.

7. Scale the Team

To increase the project’s progression pace and cut off the unnecessary cost, it is crucial to look for a dedicated software development team model that allows you to scale as needed. Scope vendors that can find developers for you as and when you want to scale. Could be after an MVP launch or due to a sudden increase in your product’s userbase.

You must be able to scale at a day’s notice.

Process to Make Your Dedicated Team More Effective

How to make your team more effective:

As a client, it becomes your responsibility to solve the problems that might trouble the progress of your dedicated team.

Having a team working towards the success of your business is not an easy task. But, with excellent methodologies and practices you can succeed when working with a dedicated development team.

Here are some ways to help make the dedicated team model more effective for your business.

  • Set clear milestones and KPIs: Once you’ve hired a skilled development team, you’ll need to present them with the project’s goals, deadlines, and scope as a business owner.
  • Change and add developers when you need to: You can either onboard them for a project right away or conduct more interviews to assess their talents based on this information. You can also request that the vendor company add or replace developers based on their experience.
  • Define tasks, Eliminate delivery chaos: Define the abilities that devoted team members should have, as well as the number of developers needed to complete your project. Accordingly, you can divide the project into several tasks and distribute them among the different team members as per their skills.
  • Define Pricing structure: Then, for the duration of the hiring period, it will issue a pricing structure that includes the wages of the team members and the service provider’s charge.
  • Evaluate on progress and results: The team members should then be required to deliver the results at a specific given time. This way, you will have a specific time frame of when and how the project will be completed.
  • Define collaboration and communication: You need to have regular communication with your team to build an effective offshore dedicated development center. For instance, you can choose a fixed time to have a daily or weekly meeting with your team. For online conferences, you can use tools like WebEx and Skype.
  • Go SCRUM: For transparency between you, the project manager, and the team members, create a scrum board. This way, everyone can have access to the project’s progress.

To Wrap Up

You may enhance the output of your in-house developers by hiring a dedicated development team, to meet existing project deadlines or kickstart a new project.

Or you can experiment with alternative team structure and realize the potential of a dedicated development team – to save money and meet your targets, and KPIs, and create a successful software.

You can choose to allocate and utilize your dedicated development team whichever way you want.

Make sure however to look for a reputed software development company that can help you build the best dedicated development team.


How to Build a Dedicated Team Model and Make It Effective for Your Business
Anup Mehrotra
Published on
May 29, 2018

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