Swift vs Objective C

Making a decision about the language you’ll use for the project is one of the fundamental steps in creating the ideal iOS app. You essentially have two options when developing native iOS mobile apps: use Objective-C, an older programming language, or use Swift, a more recent programming language.

Knowing the best programming language for creating iOS apps requires you to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the two options you have available.

This infographic covers a detailed comparison between the most recent programming language- Objective C and Swift. By comparing the pros and cons of the languages, businesses can decide which is best for iOS development.

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Conclusion– So, going back to the original query, which is better?

Objective-C? Swift?

You’ll have to make your own decision.

When choosing the language to use, you must take into account each of these factors.
Remember to balance the advantages and disadvantages of your tooling support, stability, runtime, and APIs. And once you make a decision don’t forget to hire dedicated developers. So, stop waiting and get the developers to resume.


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