Kotlin vs. Java: The Future of Java Development

Do you know, what the primary conundrums mobile developers face these days are? The answer is whether to use Java or Kotlin for the Android OS. Well, both options are widely used among the languages spoken today. Statista states that Java ranks sixth with 33.27% on this list, whereas Kotlin ranks fifteenth with 9.16%. Each has distinctive qualities and can be used for tasks of varying complexity. The usefulness of these solutions for developing Android apps will be compared in this infographic— Distributed Teams Who is the Winner? Choosing between these two is a daunting task because each choice has benefits. The Kotlin programming language makes it easier for developers to write concise code that can be read and tweaked more efficiently. It leads to increased productivity and ease of maintenance. However, Java remains the language of choice for large enterprise-grade applications. Need help finalizing the language that best serves your application specifics? Contact us for a consultation.

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