What is NAV?

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is multi-language, multi-currency business management solution that helps small and mid-size companies worldwide manage their accounting and finances, supply chain and operations. Start with what you need now, and easily adapt as your business needs change. Use the Microsoft cloud or your servers – the choice is yours.

One Login to your day

Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Office 365 is the winning combination for business. When your email, calendar, and files seamlessly come together with your data, reports and business processes, you get an integrated experience that no other stand-alone enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution can match. Share the big picture on your team collaboration site and conveniently drill into the details within Microsoft Dynamics NAV without the need to change from one application to another. A consistent user experience across devices makes it easy for your people to complete their everyday tasks, whether they are in the office or on the go.

  • Efficiency: An ERP system eliminates repetitive processes and reduces the need to manually enter lot of information.
  • Forecasting: ERP act as a tool for your users, especially managers, to create more accurate forecasts, helping the business make more realistic estimates.
  • Scalability: ERP comes up with an Auto Scale option when your business is ready to grow or need more resources.
  • Real Time information: ERP stand on a Centralized database concept across Departments, Territories & Legal entities, keeping data consistent, real time, accurate and unique.
  • Security: Data Security is no hassle with ERP in place. ERP comes up with layered security model with administered restrictions & personalized roles.

Services we provide

Netsmartz, being an expert of implementation of ERP Applications, also brings additional value to the table with the below add-on services:

  • Consulting: We offer a wide range of consulting services to help you in efficient & successful implementation of Microsoft Dynamics solution. Our objective is to have a strong, cost-effective Dynamics solution that is a perfect fit for your business and processes. With an excellent mix & match of various skill sets, including Account management, Project Management, Subject Matter Experts, Technical and pre-Sales team, we take pride in delivering projects on-budget and on time. Our Dynamics experts are seasoned professionals who can add immense value to your solution by working closely with you. They suggest workarounds and tweaks that will ensure the solution meets your business needs and requirements. The goal is to ensure a smooth implementation right from the start.
  • Implementation: At Netsmartz, we bring a perfect mix & match of Business Analysts, Subject Matter Experts, Domain Consultants, Technical Developers and Project Managers. which makes us Top Fit to gain in-depth of your business, understand your pain areas, define KPI’s & align to your futuristic goals. With ‘CMMI Level 3’ certification, you can expect a process-oriented approach to drive your implementation adopting best practices, mitigating the risks at the earliest with a notified ROI.
  • Upgrade & Migration: With an ever evolving technology, there is also a shelf life of ERP applications like any other software. Depending on size & growth rate of your organization, the shelf life of a newly implemented ERP application ranges from 3 to 5 years. At Netsmartz, we are experts at upgrading existing ERP products with the latest technological and enhanced versions available that are right for your needs.
  • Support & Maintenance: A successful implementation or an Version Upgrade is never the end of the story within ERP Applications. A strong support system backed with the support of knowledgeable professionals is what takes your business to the next level. Netsmartz brings them to the table, equipped with the latest technologies and infrastructure to support your day to day business operations. We will ensure that your core team stays focused on the business.
  • Customization & Integrations: In today’s scenario with technology evolving at every hour are you wondering to be lost maintaining a sync between your application, Government authority or any 3rd party application. Leave your worries aside & let the experts do the backend tussle. Ever wondered how multiple applications talk to each other so seamlessly? Let our solution architect design your integration.

Different ERP Options?

  • MS NAV – Microsoft Dynamics NAV ( formerly Navision ) is an ERP software suite designed exclusively for small & mid sized organizations. The system offers specialized functionality for Finance, Procurement, Sales, Warehouse, Project Management, Manufacturing & Inventory. Dynamics NAV is well suited for industries like manufacturing, Health, Hospitality, Telecom, Oil & Gas, Services, Retail & Govt. Sector.
    The system is known for being highly customizable and partners have developed long list of industry specific configurations to server various vertical markets. Dynamics NAV deploys on windows operating System & SQL Server. it comes with Desktop Client, Web Client & Mobile Client & can be hosted on Premise as well as on Cloud.
  • Dynamics 365 – Dynamics 365 is a cloud based ERP & CRM enterprise system built by Microsoft for maximum flexibility & extensibility. Dynamics 365 is not and ERP or CRM application alone, however its combination of both. Dynamics365 is the next step in the evolution of a combined ERP & CRM Product.
    What makes Dynamics365 different than a typical ERP or a CRM is that it resides only on cloud & customers using Dynamics365 can use various innovative applications built by partners with full trust & confidence from ‘Microsoft Appsource’.

Industries that we serve

  • CRT-ISO-2015
  • Netsmartz - ISO/IEC 27001 Certified Company
  • Netsmartz - Microsoft Partner Silver Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Netsmartz - iOS Certified Developers
  • Netsmartz - Amazon Web Services Consulting Partner
  • Netsmartz - Microsoft Partner Gold Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Netsmartz - Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)
  • Netsmartz - CMMI Level 3
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  • GDPR

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