Top 5 Proven Advantages of Hiring Remote Developer You Need to Know

Benefits of hiring remote development team

What advantages does a Remote Developer or a Dedicated Remote Team helps your software firm

Technologies. Customers. And workplaces!

Let’s get rid of the obvious first.

Pandemic turned things sideways in every industry.

People had to change their work, their way of work, and their standard notions about workplaces.

Outcome: An inclination towards Remote Work.

Winner?: Employees.

And organizations!

What has changed with the quarantine is that almost all technical organizations and software companies have been forced to change their present working patterns. These companies are now adopting remote work plans and hiring remote staff.

And consider global remote teams instead of geo-specific talent pools.

Having teams with remote staff will become the new norm, according to 85% of managers.

60% believe organizations will lose their employees if they do not migrate to a hybrid, totally remote, or remote-first culture; they will lose personnel.

For many years, the option to work from home has been a highly coveted perk.

Now, almost all employees than ever before are allowed to work remotely from wherever they are (like work from home).

Big tech companies, be it Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, or any other, across the globe have just rolled out remote work policies tagging it as the future of work.

This, however, is one trend that Bigtech has been using since ages.
Outsourcing, anyone?

Hiring remote teams, developers, or using managed staff augmentation services.

Fortunately, this practice has now been introduced to smaller businesses, software firms, startups, and enterprises.

Organizations and Tech leaders are replicating the Bigtech formula and using dedicated remote teams for their projects.


Well, for instance, remote brings certain advantages. They range from saving money on business costs to allowing remote staff a feeling of work freedom and flexibility.

Let’s have a look at some advantages, in detail:

Advantages of Hiring a Remote Developer Team

Remote Staff Hiring Results in Better Productivity

A remote staff member seems to be more productive and comfortable as compared to their office-bound co-workers. However, a flexible remote work policy will allow your staff to work based on their flexible timings. It results in higher productivity.

For example:- some employees love to start working in the morning, and others feel more enthusiastic at night. Moreover, they choose to take a break from work whenever they feel exhausted and recharge themselves, rather than working in the office for 8 hours.

Remote Staff Helps in Reducing Business Costs

Hiring remote staff helps companies reduce business or office costs in terms of infrastructure and operations. Moreover, it will also provide businesses with an excellent opportunity to hire dedicated remote developers or engineers from anywhere across the globe.

The remote staff tends to be more productive as they can leverage the advantages of work-life balance working directly from the comfort of their own home.

Less Expenditure

Like many other aspects of the future of work, remote onboarding can save you money on expensive on-site orientation programs, training, down-time due to attrition etc. Expenses like paying for dedicated trainers for each new hire? That would be a thing of the past now.

Furthermore, you can scale on-demand and not necessarily keep a roster of developers on-the-go without any immediate need or application.

All you need is a solid internet signal and the necessary resources for new personnel.

Enhanced Adaptability

Employees in various businesses have become accustomed to and appreciate flexible working hours as a result of COVID-19. Work-from-home saves remote workers an average of $4,000 each year, according to USA Today. According to WFHomie, 80% of workers believe that working from home helps them take care of their mental health. It’s no surprise that the prospect of returning to office does not appeal to everyone.

A standard, on-premise onboarding cannot provide your recruits with the flexibility and convenience that remote onboarding can. According to an Upwork survey, 68 percent of recruiting managers said remote work is going better today than when they first started doing it at the beginning of the pandemic.

Get Access to Unlimited Worldwide Talent

If you hire a staff that has to travel to work, you are limiting your access to the unlimited talent available across the globe. You’d be confining your staff hiring options to your geographical area. Going remote will help you to approach and hire the best deserving candidate for your company.

In addition, if you hire highly talented staff from different locations across the world, you will also be able to take advantage of their dissimilar cultural backgrounds.

Wrap Up

The remote schematic advantages do not just end here.

There are endless advantages to hiring remote staff, building a dedicated remote development team or just utilizing the services of staff augmentation as a remote extension to your team. And while most advantages pertain to the new delivery structure, there are several others like the output, costs, longevity, and operational leverage that come into play.

Adapt with the changing times and leverage remote talent, and dedicated teams to scale your organization.


Top 5 Proven Advantages of Hiring Remote Developer You Need to Know
Anup Mehrotra
Published on
April 8, 2020

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