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The Potential of Custom Learning is in xAPI

Published: September 19, 2018
The Potential of Custom Learning is in xAPI - Netsmartz Blog

Some call it Tin Can API, Experience API, or just xAPI. It is one of the most exciting developments in the online learning industry. At the same time, it is too early to be all-praise for xAPI, as it is evolving with every passing day in the eLearning and development industry. Since it has the potential to create an impactful learning environment in the future, we thought we would take a closer look at the capabilities and benefits to learners as well as the eLearning course developers.

Umesh Goyal Vice President

Since xAPI is relatively new in learning technology, the features are still evolving, and they are personalized as needed. xAPI can record all the informal learning, which is 90% of all learning on the 70:20:10 framework. This means that a learner can record experiences ranging from reading a book, information from attending a conference, and asking a social network for advice. Just like a note-taking app, a user will be able to record something from what he was reading or upload a note of key information learned at an event.

With the potential that xAPI has, learners will be in a more interactive learning mode rather than the conventional training programs. All the experiences they record will be stored in a Learning Record Store (LRS). Now, think about the results it will generate when combined with the capabilities of a social LMS, or Learning Management System. On the social side, learners will be able to share their learning experiences and discuss it with others in their network, plus seek feedback and advice on improvements. In this way, every learner will have the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to the training process.

Another fascinating aspect of Tin Can API, aka xAPI, is that the data stored can be transferred when needed, which allow learners to take their experiences with them when they change jobs or show their skills and knowledge to prospective employers.

Just like when we shop for something online, we get recommendations of related products that other buyers have bought. xAPI does the same thing when a learner posts about a learning experience on the LMS, the system recognizes and then recommends new learning opportunities based on other experiences similar learners have recorded.

The benefits that the learning and development industry can gain from xAPI is incredible. In simple words, this infographic explains six essential benefits that xAPI can offer in developing an interactive learning platform for learners.

Top 6 Benefits TIN CAN API

That’s it in a nutshell. If you know more about it and want to share with us, please add it to the comments. We will be happy to hear from you.

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