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Employ Delivery Models That Meet the Continuous Challenge of Completing Projects on Time

Published: March 9, 2018

The increasing tendency towards minimizing costs and improving operational efficiencies is a hassle for a growing number of IT projects all over the globe.

The success or failure of these projects depends on completing them on time and within budget. And as the IT needs of an organization change rapidly, it can be disastrous to rely on outdated legacy systems.

And hiring methodologies.

Consequently, various companies have started seeking help from the outside to complete IT projects. They often employ the following delivery models:

  • Staff augmentation – extending an existing team
  • Project outsourcing – working on project-based basis
  • Hybrid approach – 1+1, best of both

These models are considered the most suitable approach for employees and project developments. Let us have a look at the various benefits of these models.

Add More Power to IT Projects With Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation services allow an organization to add a temporary employee (or a team) to the in-house team that will add more power to the IT project, especially when your IT department lacks a specific set of skills. You can conveniently ramp up or down as your demands change without the costs and liabilities of hiring a full-time employee.

After all, it is pretty expensive to recruit full-time employees. If you place a new person with the technical knowledge you need in an already structured IT team, it can help everyone reach the deadlines quickly.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation Services

95 percent of companies feel it’s extremely or somewhat challenging to recruit qualified employees.

“Acquiring the proper personnel is the most crucial key to success,” said Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce.

Hiring was and is the most crucial factor of every successful business.

Many businesses are seriously considering using the staff augmentation model to fulfill this demand. We’ll look at some of the advantages of boosting your capacity in this article.

1. Competitive Advantage at a Low Cost

Due to access to a large talent pool, staff augmentation services are cost-effective – especially to harness specialized skill sets. Because people are employed for a particular project, the company does not have to pay for a long-term contract. Furthermore, by adding domain-centric knowledge to the operational structure, this skill-specific talent provides an advantage over all competing brands.

2. Efficiency in Operations

The majority of small firms have high operational costs, especially during lean times, with a low return on investment. By offering flexible working engagement, staff augmentation firms promote operational efficiency. Companies that associate with vendor organizations don’t have to pay for the infrastructure expenditures of constructing and operating in a new location. The professionals operate from home or the offices of the vendor companies.

3. Expansion & Adaptation

Staff augmentation services improve your organization’s scalability significantly. You have the financial means to take on any size project and never say no to a customer’s request. Staff augmentation also allows you to adjust the size of your workforce in response to changing demands. Moreover, it enables you to broaden your offerings and give high-quality solutions by utilizing the skills of temporary staff.

Project Outsourcing to Utilize Resources of Third Party Provider

By utilizing the resources of third-party service providers, project outsourcing allows the companies to execute the whole IT project conveniently. Companies need not hire a development team consisting of new employees, which makes this approach relatively cost-effective.

Additionally, the outsourcing provider will be solely responsible for adopting, maintaining, and enhancing the software best practices.

Benefits of Project Outsourcing

IT outsourcing, according to Gartner, is the utilization of outside service providers to supply IT-enabled business processes, infrastructure solutions, and application services for business results.

Companies outsource their specialized business projects for a variety of reasons. Let’s check out a few common yet important ones:

1. High level of skills and experience

Outsourcing vendors typically have a wide range of project management and software development experience because they operate with various customers in various industries. In addition, the project managing team at an outsourcing firm is usually large enough for a customer to opt-for project management with the necessary expertise to complete their project successfully.

2. Effective Resource & Team Management

The time zone, location, language, and corporate culture of the development team are all shared by outsourced project management. Furthermore, an outsourced PM is familiar with each team member well enough to recognize their strengths and shortcomings and effectively utilize the team’s talents to complete the project on time. As a result, outsourced project management saves the customer money while meeting the project deadlines.

3. Aware of Schedule & Budget

The primary role of a project manager is to guarantee that the development team fulfills deadlines and does not waste project resources. Project outsourcing brings onboard the developers expertise, efficient management, and quick response to development or other client issues allowing businesses to succeed within the anticipated time and budget.

Give Employees More Freedom with Hybrid Model

A hybrid workplace is a company concept that incorporates both remote and in-office work. It establishes a flexible work schedule in which employees can split their time between working at home and coming to the physical office. A hybrid workforce is a combination of both remote and physical office workforce.

In this context, Hybrid uses the approach and structure of both staff augmentation and project outsourcing.

Benefits of Hybrid Approach

Your business must blend the benefits of remote work with the collaborative potential of face-to-face work in a physical office setting to manage a hybrid workforce.

It has many significant advantages for businesses with a hybrid workforce, including:

1. Productivity Enhancement

There was a long-held belief that employees who work from home will reduce their productivity. Now, this belief has turned out to be untrue. Indeed, remote workers are frequently shown to be more productive than their on-site counterparts. Moreover, the hybrid model combines the best of both worlds. It blends remote workers’ increased productivity with physical office locations’ greater in-person cooperation and communication.

2. Improved Employee Satisfaction

Employees using a mixed work paradigm have more flexibility in terms of when and where they can work. Employees may now fit work around the rest of their lives thanks to increasing autonomy. Allowing your staff to work from home boosts their job happiness. As a result, employee satisfaction is higher, staff turnover and attrition is lower, and your team is highly motivated to assist your company with better IT solutions.

3. Lower Business Costs

Higher employee happiness will save your organization money on staff turnover and the costs of finding a new qualified applicant to fill a skilled post. At the same time, increased productivity of your current employees will result in better-quality work performed for your clients and an increase in revenues.

To Wrap Up

Whether your company needs staff-augmentation, project outsourcing, or a hybrid approach, you need to consider the following:

  • Objectives and deadlines of your project
  • Areas of expertise of the team
  • Ways to accommodate staff and outsourced workers to create collaboration instead of competition

Although selecting the suitable delivery model for your company can be a tough decision, don’t be afraid to seek help from an IT consulting firm. Just make sure you look for a vendor who has a good understanding of your business or industry and is known to deliver positive outcomes.

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