Quality is a by-product of consistent processes and hard work.

We are Agile in more ways than one!

In our software development process we follow the Agile development methodology which suits our core philosophy of constant and consistent improvement -one small step at a time. Following the Agile process also means we get to deliver a high quality product fast.

How Agile Scrum works

We list client requirements and features for the project and break down the project development into smaller chunks. After defining the development chunks, we proceed to deliver them in short cycles of 2-4 weeks called Sprints. Your development team akin to a football team (origin of the word ‘Scrum’) has a short meeting (huddle) every day to collaborate and discuss project progress, glitches and sprint deliverables sparking a process of continuous improvement.

Agile Scrum Roles

Agile Team Role
  • Voices client concerns
  • Develops and maintains Sprint features
  • Decides the release date
Agile Team
  • Project’s main troubleshooter
  • Ensures productivity of team
  • Motivates and builds winning team
Agile Scrum Team in Group
  • People who work to develop the product
  • Work in collaboration and share project responsibilities
  • Design, implement and fix bugs in the product.

The Scrum Process

Step 1: The Product Owner defines features for each sprint which is defined in the Product Backlog.

Step 2: The team chooses a feature based on priority from the Product Backlog which will be the Sprint deliverable.

Step 3: The feature is broken down into smaller tasks by the Product Owner based on the Product Backlog.

Step 4: The team starts the sprint and there is a daily meeting where team members discuss project issues and task status. The Scrum Master is responsible for resolving the issues.

Step 5: After sprint completion, the feature is shown to the Product Owner for approval and the sprint review of the feature is provided to the team.

Step 6: The final step is the Retrospective Meeting where the team, Scrum Master and Product Owner discuss possible process improvements. Improvements and fixes needed are added to the Product Backlog and the next feature is selected for the coming sprint and the tasks are broken down and defined for the next cycle.

Tools we use in our Agile Process

Jira for Project Management

JIRA for Project Management

#1 project management tool used by our Agile teams on paid subscription. Allows tremendous flexibility to plan & adopt any Agile practice.

Jira for Configuration & Versioning

Configuration & Versioning

We share JIRA roadmaps, workflow, approvals and tasks and GIT & Subversion are used for configuration management.

JIRA Kanban Board

JIRA Kanban Board

We use the Kanban board to facilitate short term projects that are less than 2 months in duration. Kanban is also an Agile Development framework.

Selenium Software Testing Tool

Software Testing tools

Selenium: Portable testing framework for Web applications. Appium: Open source automation framework for Native, Hybrid & Mobile Apps.

Sure Step Implementation Methodology (Dynamics ERP/CRM Solutions)

These are the broad steps we follow when it comes to implementation of solutions.

Dynamics ERP/CRM Solutions
  • Analyzing existing processes and understanding workflow
  • Selecting the best solution for your particular needs that meets industry standards
  • Deploying the new solution efficiently to your specifications or integrating with your current system, if required
  • End to end Testing
  • Improving user experiences with easy access to processes and data
  • Providing an adaptable, scalable setup which can be easily maintained and upgraded
  • Ensure compliance with all of the requirements before cutover and go-live
  • Providing transparency in all of our deliverables
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