Offshore Development Services

Why Offshore Development Center?

Companies often outsource some or all of their work to third parties to meet rising demand. Offshore development centers allow businesses to expand without adding more employees.

Offshore development centers can help businesses:

  • Reduce operational expenses
  • Utilize overseas talent to increase productivity
  • Focus your internal resources on core functions
Result-Driven Approach

Key Benefits of Setting up an ODC

Leveraging offshore software developers at Netsmartz will improve team communication and cost control. They offer customized software development services utilizing processes, methodologies, tools, and technologies customized to clients' needs.

High-Quality Talent

Under the Offshore development center, you can access a global talent pool, cutting-edge technology, and quality-assured worldwide standards.


Outsource software development projects to an offshore team to let your in-house professionals focus on core competencies.


Experience cost-efficiency attributes by avoiding the unnecessary overhead costs of hiring in-house or splurging on building infrastructure and reserving IT support - hardware & software.

Transparency of Operations

To build trust with better ethical standards, offshore development centers offer full transparency over workflows, strategies, performance, & pricing.

Data Security

Ensure data security by avoiding data breaches and entrusting your confidential projects to dedicated offshore development centers.

Autonomy & Control

With ODC's robust project management and agile development practices, gain autonomy and control over project and unintentional information disclosure.

Why Choose
Netsmartz ODC

Build your offshore development center with Netsmartz and witness the new heights of innovation. Our experts assist you in developing a practical solution based on proven IT expertise, experience, and skill. We offer end-to-end software solutions, including project planning, coding, and application deployment.

Dedicated Teams

Build a dedicated staff with Netsmartz to reduce overhead costs and ensure uninterrupted client contact with you.

Competitive Pricing

Experience quality work from experienced developers from the top 3% of global ranks at a much lower and competitive price.

Easy Scalability

Our offshore development center services help companies scale up & down their teams to meet deadlines and technological advances.

Team Augmentation

We offer on-demand team augmentation to meet your ad hoc requirements for domain-specific expertise or more personnel, ensuring your project's success.

$100M+ invested over 1500,000+ sqft across 10+ global campuses

Offshore Development Center

ODC Models

ODC model helps businesses reduce expenses by 35% to 60% & accelerate development time compared to local outsourcing or typical onsite teams.

Hiring ODC Services Made Easy

How Netsmartz’s ODC Model Works

Boost productivity, reduce time-to-market, & save operational expenses with our ODC model. Here are our four simple steps to proceed


Talk About Requirements

We gather all the details about the tech stack, team structure, & business requirements. We negotiate budgets and timeframes & start the hiring process if everything is in order.


Interview & Select Developers

We offer the best solutions for your review, whether a test assignment or written code. By interviewing final candidates, we ensure you acquire a team with quality developers.


Best Talent for Your ODC

A reliable offshore development company will appreciate remote development teams. Our team provides all the essential equipment, accounting, onboarding, & HR support.


High-Quality Software Solution

Our team at ODC can track your progress toward strategic goals using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).




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