4 Reasons IT Startups Can Benefit from the Offshore Development Center (ODC) Model

Benefit of Offshore Development
Ever wondered why many budding IT startups in the West think about having offshore development center services? There must be advantages for them to begin investing in these offshore spaces. Offshore software development centers provide various benefits for business growth, allowing them to scale up quickly. Here are some of the benefits of opening an offshore development center.

Access to a bigger pool of talent

reasonable number of candidates with vast skills in multiple technological domains exist. India itself has a significant number of educational institutes focused on providing advanced training. Apart from this, with access to high-speed internet, self-learning has mainly grown. Developing nations can now deploy a large talent pool of architects, designers, and developers ready for work at offshore agile development firms. Additionally, India has an extensive collection of skilled project management specialists able to take on project supervision roles in said firms. They can facilitate and manage the workforce and ensure that outsourced projects are delivered quickly and efficiently.

Cost Reduction & Efficiency

Maintaining an optimal budget for mobile and web development applications is one of the major concerns of small to medium businesses. Companies strive to achieve functioning and reliable application software that provides consistent excellence while keeping the business out of financial strain. Hiring dedicated software developers in an offshore development company for a fraction of the cost they would cost onshore is an intelligent plan to keep business finances balanced. Not only do these best offshore developers keep the cost low, but they also provide quality work and assure excellence. They bring the project to market at a faster rate than both onshore and nearshore development centers. Need help with what onshore or nearshore development centers are? Here’s an article we’ve written that elucidates their significant distinctions.

Strategic Partnership

Most staffing firms in developing countries have transitioned their outlook to a strategic partnership-based one. They uphold the standards of strategic advisors and partners for business globally. Companies now get access to emerging technologies and their seamless integration by partnering with offshore software development centers. These newer technologies and associated talent pools restructure business operations and influence decision-making for companies. With this strategic alliance, companies can get the best developing teams without costing a fortune. It also presents low-risk factors that take off much of the burden off the company’s shoulders. The transference of responsibilities and taking ownership creates accountability and transparency needed for the project. It ensures that offshore projects achieve top-notch results while following compliance protocols.
Strategic Partnership

Experienced perspective

An offshore development center provides an enormously different perspective on handling projects compared to onshore or nearshore ones. The cultural differences and resource allocation and their management can change from culture to culture or based on experience, qualification, or expertise. This experience provides market-based insights that add tremendous value to any project. They can quickly scope differences and similarities in projects and find a better way to proceed. This not only makes work easier but quicker. These are some reasons that IT startups benefit from offshore development centers. Are you looking for an experienced, cost-effective offshore software development center with dedicated software developers? Contact us at Netsmartz for consultation.


4 Reasons IT Startups Can Benefit from the Offshore Development Center (ODC) Model
Anup Mehrotra
Published on
November 17, 2022

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