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Myths Busted – Security in the Cloud

Published: September 14, 2018
Myths Busted - Security in the Cloud

It is evident that if you are reading this blog here, you are trying to find resolutions to some of the misconceptions and myths around security in the cloud. Why? Most likely, it is because you are thinking about moving to the cloud, and you do not want to regret the decision later.

There were a number of data breaches over the last few years, some of them big enough that caused unrepairable disasters beyond measures. The breaches have intensified the efforts companies put in securing and safeguarding their data. For cloud service providers, it is their responsibility to protect their client’s data by any means. Any loophole or compromise in security could turn the business upside down. Due to such hacks and breaches, misconceptions and myths make their way into the minds of considering a move to the cloud, thereby complicating their final decision. To wipe away many of those apprehensions, we are busting some myths related to the security of data on the cloud.

Vikas Katoch VP – IT Services

Myth – Cloud tech is highly insecure

The myth that led the charts is that cloud tech is not at all secure. The data in the cloud is always prone to hack. Oppositely, the data is secure, and cloud providers take security extremely seriously. This is the sole reason for the existence of cloud service providers. To achieve this, you are required to stay compliant with numerous regulatory bodies, nationally and internationally, and have many compliance requirements. Their infrastructure is based on dozens of different security frameworks and controls, which creates an ideal environment for securing data on the cloud.

Myth – The Cloud experiences most of the breaches

Just because of the myth above, it is widely conceived that most of the breaches happen to cloud data. On the contrary, the cloud is more secure than most physical data servers. This is because security tools available today never existed before, and cloud providers utilize them to construct the best possible defenses against those looking to exploit vulnerabilities.

Myth – To ensure the safety of data, you must have physical control of it

That’s not true. Instead of having data servers and disks where you can see your data being stored, cloud security is top-notch. With high-level encryption and rights control, cloud providers ensure the utmost safety of the data and will provide access only to those who have permission to use that data.

Myth – Existing security tools will be enough to protect the data in the cloud

This doesn’t work. If you are using a security tool or application in your existing data center, you cannot use the same for cloud security. Your existing tools were built for a specific purpose in a data center, and it won’t be able to handle cloud-specific security protocols.

Myth – Security maintenance in the cloud is difficult and different

Wrong. The tools built for the security of data on the cloud performs best practices and operational procedures for security maintenance. The maintenance process is often automated, and it provides real-time stats and monitors the cloud environment.

With robust tools and advanced tech, security of data in the cloud shouldn’t be a major concern anymore. However, if there is something else that bothers you about your decision to move to the cloud, there are experts to help you with the right answers. Talk to an expert today.

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