How Can Hiring Dedicated Developers Reduce Software Development Cost?

hire dedicated developers for your business

We will cut right to the chase.

Developing a customized software solution for start-up and established businesses can be an expensive endeavor.

These high costs can hurt, especially if you are a startup owner. But there are certain alternatives – often thought of as unreliable by business owners.

One way that startups, or even enterprises can reduce software development costs is by hiring dedicated developers with different skills to build products according to business needs and budget.

With $23.6 billion in global revenue generated by IT outsourcing in recent years, hiring dedicated development team services is a trend that seems to be catching up and reflecting the feasibility as a highly effective digital strategy for businesses.

Companies looking to develop their projects can hire dedicated developers with technological expertise to render the customized solutions. Hiring developers from other countries at lower costs can effectively eliminate cost deviations. All you need is to fix the salary for the number of hours they work. You can make any modifications to the requirements of your project, thanks to the flexibility provided by dedicated developers.

Often, business owners do not provide any clear idea of the project requirement, making it challenging to work. However, hiring dedicated developers helps understand the project quickly, and they work effectively in such a scenario.

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What is a Dedicated Development Team

A Dedicated Development Team is considered a team of experienced developers who have a defined specific skill set, follow responsive and proven processes, and create workflows to deliver on focused project goals. It is a feasible way to employ resources and developers when dealing with software development. They are called “dedicated”, since they are solely dedicated to the client’s project, working full-time – remote or in-office.

It is a long-term collaboration model where clients and developers work together to deliver a quality product. It is perhaps the well-known collaboration model compared to the Fixed Price (FP) and Time & Materials (T&M) models.

What are the elements of a Dedicated Team?

Dedicated developers are proficient and experienced professionals you can hire to work on a particular project on a short-term or long-term basis as per the project requirement. They work in a seamless collaborative process with the in-house team, delivering results that enhance your software project cycle. The dedicated team involves:

  • Front-end/Back-end developers
  • PHP/Node/Angular/WordPress developer
  • UX / UI Designer
  • QA Engineer
  • Business Analyst
  • Project Manager

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Why You Need to Hire A Dedicated Team for Your Business

Cost is the main reason why most businesses prefer a dedicated team or a lone dedicated developer. In any case, many companies look at different components before settling on the right choice.

Some enterprises consider Dedicated development Teams or Developers for –

  • Working on a New Feature
  • Develop a Product in Secrecy (Intellectual property constraints)
  • Scaling Faster
  • Expand on a skillset
  • Reduce Costs of hiring locally

Whereas some startups might consider Dedicated development Teams or Developers for –

  • Kickstarting development at a lower cost when bootstrapped
  • Bring Technical expertise without having to instantiate any recruitment process
  • Get a Faster Time to market
  • Leverage global talent pool/skills

Listed below are a few more fleshed out reasons on why it’s a smart pick:

No maintenance cost

If you choose to work with a dedicated team, you will have a team of experts specially hand-picked for your business goals. They are a part of your in-house team and, technically, your employees. But, while dealing with a dedicated team, you don’t have to worry about office equipment, specialized software, training, or perks of office teams.

Effective Collaboration

A dedicated team model allows organizations to interact directly with the team. It contributes to effective planning and development. It’s like having an in-house team, but at a low cost with high expertise. The client or the internal team coordinates with the hired dedicated team to effectively resolve challenges and issues.

Agile Approach

Dedicated developers offer agility to your business workflow. It is challenging to maintain a definitive agile process with traditional in-house teams because they work with the same skills and disciplines that they have to use on every project. However, hiring a dedicated team means hiring a reliable resource for a solo project with better expertise and guaranteed outcome + they bring their agile experience to boot.


The flexibility of hiring a team of dedicated developers cannot be overstated. Their exclusivity on lone projects means they can focus entirely on their work, allowing you or your in-house team to focus on other projects. Flexibility is needed not only for small startups but also for large companies. The additional control and level of team management provided to the company is a huge benefit. In short, if you want to make iterations, let the team know, and the team will make adjustments.

Advanced Technology Expertise

Hiring dedicated developers for your offshore software development will also prevent you from the hassle of keeping your in-house team of developers updated with modern technology needs. After all, training your in-house team will significantly hamper your budget and often the project cycle.

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Tips to Hire the Right Dedicated Team

Here are a few tips for recruiting the right developer or team to ensure the project’s success

Set some criteria to narrow down some companies

It is overwhelming to look through various companies providing dedicated developers. Thus, you must set criteria or filters to help you narrow down a few companies. Determine your project goals, and tech stack required and then look for those companies that perfectly suit them. This process will ensure that you shortlist and pick the right people.

  • Additionally consider a vendor with experience in providing such teams. Ones with reputation and years of experience are usually worth it.

Hire developers with flexible schedule

It is essential to make sure that you hire developers with a flexible work schedule. Thus, it is advisable to hire the developer on an hourly basis as, indeed, you do not want to pay the developers a fixed monthly charge for a job that can be done in hours.

  • Consider milestones to set a progress structure for your project

Encourage direct communication with developers

Have direct communication with the developers while hiring them for your project. You can directly communicate any feedback and changes in your project with the developer and solve them immediately.

  • Make sure that your dedicated developer has the crucial communication skills. Often you might want to consider bilingual developers.

Assess the creativity of a developer

While hiring a dedicated developer, you must assess how creative the person is during the interview process. Go for a creative person who can provide more ideas for your project.

  • Experience brings efficiency and eases out most of the hassles associated with code and whiteboarding a feature. Talk, assess, and reflect on the kind of developer that’ll help you create a better product.


Overall, dedicated developers are built to work exclusively on your projects, and you can have full control over them throughout the project management. Hiring them will not only accelerate your project development but will also reduce the number of professionals to save on your offshore software development cost.

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How Can Hiring Dedicated Developers Reduce Software Development Cost?
Anup Mehrotra
Published on
May 5, 2021

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