After Reading This, You Will Agree That Security Operations Center (SOC) are Critical for Businesses


What would you think if you see hundreds of people glued to their desktop screens, working or monitoring data? What would you say about a location where large-sized displays mounted on the walls show visual feeds to people working in front of it?

Vikas Katoch
VP – IT Services

No, we are not talking about a scenario at NASA or a central monitoring facility of city’s roads and traffic congestions or even a scene at a News channel studio. We are depicting the routine working scenario of Security Operations Center (SOC) in organizations across the world.It’s true. Businesses have started to embrace the utility of Security Operations Centers. It has helped them to understand how critical it is to protect and save their business, their data, and their customers from the ever-growing threat of cyber-attacks.

What is a Security Operations Center and what does it do?

How do you protect something valuable? By keeping it in a safe,right? Similarly, Security Operations Centersare location(s)responsible for backups and failovers.It is like a place where all sensitive information about your business is collected, sorted, saved, analyzed, and it can only be accessed with the necessary rights and permissions. The SOC is a group of individuals whose core objective is to keep your business safe by maintaining situational awareness of events on the computer systems and networks that you use. They are the virtual security guards to safeguard your networks, data and systems from hacks, viruses, crashes and data breaches. An SOC team is different from the IT team, as the IT team is responsible to build and maintain the network infrastructure, whereas SOC team is accountable for its protection.In simple words, you would not ask your homebuilder to protect your property; instead, you will employ security guards to do the job.

Will having a SOC really benefit my business?

There are millions of businesses across the world prospering without the need of an SOC at present, however, with the increasing occurrence and sophistication of cyber-attacks that can cause financial losses due to network downtime, reduced operational output and reputational damage, the benefits of having an SOC is worthy of its investment. With continuous monitoring of your computer networks by the SOC, you pave the way for the effective prevention, detection and response to any malicious attack. During an intrusion, the SOC can investigate and respond accordingly to reduce both the impact and severity.

Integrating SOC – In-house or service provider

When you feel like now is the time to have an SOC as your line of defense from intrusions and attacks, the next obvious question should be – Should I set up an in-house Security Operation Center or should I seek services from a Managed Security Service Provider(MSSP)? To come to a decision, there are number of factors that will come into play, such as the security and confidentiality requirements, the size of the organization and network, as well as the budget and timeframe. Whatever option you explore, all will have their own sets of merits and demerits. Every business will have different priorities and budgets, thus, careful consideration of which option fits best will need to be done.

You need to protect your intellectual property from cyber criminals initiating cyber-attacks. An effective SOC provides considerable assurance and the ability to respond appropriately and effectively in the event of an attack. If you need help in assessing your SOC needs and its integration options, subscribe to our newsletter and head straight to Request a Free consultation from our Security Operations Center experts.


After Reading This, You Will Agree That Security Operations Center (SOC) are Critical for Businesses
Vikas Katoch, Vice President
Published on
June 29, 2018

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