Using Google Discover To Boost Your CRO – A Detailed Guide

With that ever-building trend of scrolling through feeds, Google upgraded its idea of Google Now crafting a search experience similar to the way people browse on Facebook, Instagram, & LinkedIn. Yes, we are talking about Google Discover!
Though most of the marketers are aiming to improve their SEO or take advantage of Paid Advertising Services to upscale conversions, Google’s this version of social feed can help you to reach your target audience in a more defined manner.

Google Discover is all about presenting results just below the search box on Google mobile app and chrome app, displaying the web pages in the form of cards containing a content summary. These cards are actually topics that are similar to your search interests and can be browsed through your mobile.

In short, Google discover brings you stories based on your past searches, product explored, including the people similar to the pages or people you follow using the Google Discover features.

Why do you need to work for Google Discover?

Wondering if you need to include Google Discover in your marketing plan or not?

Make sure you do work it because it is a potential source of driving traffic when you need to gain some digital advantage for your brand on the web.

Google Discover is a fun tool designed for the people browsing across the world bringing the advantage of visual data that is unique and relevant to your search interests. Also, it brings you great control where you are allowed to pick for the category of content using options available with the search cards.

Moreover, with Google Discover made accessible on mobile browsers through searches made with, it can be turned to a business advantage by creating more connections through engaging content.

Another good reason to focus at Discover is the advantage of remarketing which comes very naturally with its design. For instance, if a person raises a search for a particular product or topic, discover automatically starts showing the content similar to the search query made by a user (possibly a query that defines your service). This adds to a competitive advantage since it makes you reach a user looking for a query related to your service bringing chances to convert better.

How to use Google Discover to drive more traffic?

Consequently, when it comes to bringing your content in the content cards at Google Discover, it becomes essential to understand the popular search queries and combine it with keyword optimization so that you could get featured in the Discover results.

Now the question is what should be the process that can help you feature in the Google Discover results?

Don’t worry, we have some easy tips that can help you rank in Google Discover when you need to position your brand better.

1. Create Interesting Content

When we talk about Google Discover, it is about content that serves the user’s interests. This means the content should not necessarily be freshly crafted to serve the users on Discover. However, it is imperative that you only present high-quality content (even if old content with great engagement) that can surface at Discover and bring engagements.

This can be closely related to the Feed you explore with Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, where you get to see the content either from pages/people you follow or from the sources similar to those you follow. The same process works with Discover as it keeps a watch at the content on which the user spends the maximum of their time. Therefore, make sure you work on a content marketing plan that is engaging and relevant to what your target audience loves to explore.

2. Build Trust through Your Web Pages

The next big thing which helps you establish yourself at Google Discover is making your content and website look trustworthy. The route to work on building reliability starts with having HTTPS mentioned in your website’s URL. After Google’s update on site security, missing HTTPS on your website could make people resist your website.

Also, you need to focus on anything that can help contribute to the authenticity. For example, you can provide some bylines of author, contact details, social media channel links, or any details that can help generate authenticity.

3. Use Visual Content

If you have interacted with Google Discover, most of the results which you find in cards or feed are loaded with attractive visuals. This is because websites that have high-quality visual content are found performing better with Google Discover. But this also needs you to keep a check at using a relevant file name and alt tag to the image data.

Also, Google in its announcement made on Discover has stated that Discover feed will deliver a greater amount of images and other visual content to the users. Therefore, if you need to make the most with Google Discover, make sure you never forget to include some high-quality image and video data to your pages wherever necessary.

4. Get Your Pages Crawled & Indexed

Last but not least, if you need to feature in Discover feed, make sure you get your website indexed. In simple words, you have to make sure that Google crawls through all the content which you update on your website.

This does not necessarily require you to aim at all the updated content only, but you should try to get the maximum from the old content as well.

This can be anything that is closely related to the service or product which you need to promote. Also, you can try to get your targeted page listed in the XML sitemap with all the relevant internal links for better results.

The Crux

Google Discover is about the content which is reflected based on your past interactions and interests. However, the idea of reaching the Discover Feed works with the development of interactions and aiming at factors like SEO rankings, ad campaigns, increasing reach of content, and everything that can help you with promotions.

So one thing which is essential and should be prioritized before you aim at any other task of reaching Google Discover Feed, make sure you focus on the quality of the content. This will help you compose for all the tasks that make the foundation to Google Discover’s similar search cards bringing the required engagement. All the best!

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Using Google Discover To Boost Your CRO – A Detailed Guide
Kevin, Vice President - Digital Marketing
Published on
February 22, 2018

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