Six Reasons That Influences Startups to Outsource Development Work

If you are thinking about creating a website, developing a mobile app or anything similar for your business but have no technical skills or in-house professionals, you can give a thought to hire an efficient team of skilled workers overseas.

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Building a team that is physically located at a different facility to get the job done for you can be a good decision, as this can save your time, money and manual efforts. Apart from these, there are several other benefits of building an offshore team with necessary skills and experience, such as –

1.Low Cost and High Profitability

Startups like to save cost at the time of developing a new product. If you find that the overall expenditure of hiring and maintaining developers at your own office is too much, then you can consider about getting a team overseas. You will find that a professional team there can give you best services at half of the cost of the local employees.

2.Directly Deal with the Experts

The team members of the company that you selected for your needs will develop solutions according to your needs. Since you are dealing directly with the experts, you can seek their assistance and count on their expertise with technology for developing the most innovative and robust solution. For a startup firm, it is difficult to get such workers at low prices to work in-house.

3.Quick and Timely Delivery

The experienced and talented workers of your team abroad will understand your business needs, set goals, prioritize development stages and then work accordingly. They put their best efforts in collaboration with you and take it as their goal to give you the best product. They have love for their job and do it enthusiastically for your utmost satisfaction. This makes them obsessed to deliver projects within the given time period.


It is natural for you to have concerns about sharing your project ideas, vision and business objectives in the hands of a third party. Do not worry! A reputed software development firm ensures full transparency of their process while working for you. They provide the updates regularly on the development of your idea. They keep all the information about your project safe and do not share it with any other folks inside or outside the company.

5.Save Time

You can have access to your team members whenever you want to communicate or seek status of the work. To make it easier, you just have to deal with the project manager who is taking care of all the processes associated with the product development and launch. It will save your personal time and energy to pay attention on the other business activities. You also need not to pay visit at their work place after making a deal with them.


Regular communication with your overseas team helps you in numerous ways. Thus, when you explain them your whole idea, they understand their roles and responsibilities, and then allocates tasks among themselves according to skills and experience. They solve all big and small issues in collaboration with each other. You will always have a one-point contact for your team who will work on your development needs.

For startups, the benefits are many. Since every business is different, their needs are different too. Thus, to help your startup in assessing the outsourcing needs and having an offshore team, the wise thing to do is to talk to an outsourcing expert.


Six Reasons That Influences Startups to Outsource Development Work
Published on
August 6, 2018

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