IT Staff Augmentation VS. Temporary IT Staffing: Understanding the Difference

The title might have you confused about the differences between IT Staff Augmentation & Temporary IT Staffing. These two terms might look similar but differ in their objective and deliverables. To understand, let’s proceed –

IT staff augmentation is not just another way of outsourcing to obtain work completed offshore. It’s a practical business strategy that temporarily utilizes skilled and professional IT employees to get the project done. Moreover, IT staff augmentation enhances the internal workflow efficiency and productivity to deliver an effective software solution through expansion of your current team capability – kinda acting as a branch or an extension to your in-house team.

Whereas, Temporary IT staffing provides a team of experienced IT professionals hired for a specific project and managed externally. IT staffing supports you to concentrate more on the most important goals of your organization rather than consuming time on regular administration jobs by handling all your development tasks and making your business overall successful. Moreover, it caters to the particular needs of IT companies, such as software development, work efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

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When is IT Staff Augmentation Needed?

The necessities of most organizations fluctuate in tune with the varying IT industry trends and demands. This is where a great need of expert IT support is required to continue updating software, reduce operating costs and attain superior efficiency. And, it is here that IT staff augmentation services comes into play.

Who is Included in Staff Augmentation?

It includes experienced and dedicated IT personnel who can deliver professional services and fulfill your particular IT project-related needs. It could be UX/UI designer, Backend developer, Full stack developer, QA expert, and much more. However, short-term (or temporary) IT staff will work for you, providing IT services tailored to the needs of different markets and eliminating permanent staffing issues, regardless of the size of your business. Furthermore, it reduces operating costs and improves productivity.

You get more delivered from the staff extension you have hired. More lines of code written, faster time-to-market, and quicker iterations to your product.

IT staff augmentation services cover a wide range of services – like software development, website development, mobile app development, QA and QC services, technical customer support/consultation, technical writing – to name a few.

Business Benefit of Staff Augmentation

Businesses can use these services for both long-term and short-term IT tasks. Although they become a part of your existing IT squad, they can immediately be removed once the project ends. They work very closely with your in-house team or the clients making the business workflow agile to get the project done by lowering the IT staff’s finances/development costs too.

What’s more, you don’t need to worry about initiating separate operations or even utilizing any office tools or equipment, mainly for the employed IT workers. Furthermore, all other expenses, such as conveyance costs, training costs, & hiring costs also get removed from your bills, which will save you money, time, and resources.
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When is Temporary IT Staffing Needed?

Temporary IT staffing is a thriving market at the moment (covering the present COVID-19 pandemic situation across the globe). Both, customer company and the hired resource avail revenue from this venture. Furthermore, there are no strings attached, and just like an IT expert can leave exclusive of any problems, the hiring company (or employer) itself can stay owner till that individual is working for it.

Who is Included in Temporary IT Staffing?

An outsource vendor can help a customer company to find a qualified team of candidates for information technology (IT) positions, such as cloud engineers, computer network or support specialists, computer system engineers, database administrators, and so on.

IT staffing companies can provide solutions that meet your IT needs, whether it is direct or full-time recruitment, contract or service agreement for temporary or permanent recruitment. And, the IT staffing services cover a wide range of requirements that could be related to staff, equipment, business processes, daily operations, etc.

Business Benefit of IT Staffing

Businesses can use these services for temporary IT staffing service, which connects IT candidates with the potential employers to build lasting employment relationships. The IT staffing team works closely with the HR department or with the manager looking to recruit to get the potential team to fill the skill gap. This process includes creating a job post or description, reviewing a candidate profile, and identifying potential candidates.
With increasing IT resources and lower rates, it is getting mandatory for IT companies to use such services. It’s the most evolving way to drive business profits without being accountable for growth, using cutting-edge technology, skilled resources, and expertise.

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To wrap up our blog, both IT staffing and IT staff augmentation services are beneficial to meet the respective project or business requirements.

Where Staff augmentation bridges the skill gap and brings in individuals that can start work on specific tech stacks with your team right away, IT staffing takes care of managing complete business requirements through retained staff.
So, you need to ponder upon which services you want to choose depending on your requirement like whether you need a talent to accomplish a particular task or project or you need a team to fill a business operation.

At Netsmartz, we’ve delivered Software solutions to Enterprises and Startups over the last 20 years. We realize all of your IT requirements and can help you extend your staff, help you build dedicated teams of software developers or help you hire a singular cloud employee.

Our team has decades of experience helping organizations build Teams of high quality IT professional/s (onshore, offshore, nearshore) that align well with your business goals and culture. You can also reach out to us to build your team or learn more about our Staff augmentation services.


IT Staff Augmentation VS. Temporary IT Staffing: Understanding the Difference
Anup Mehrotra
Published on
September 25, 2020

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