IT Staff Augmentation: A Model to Extend your Team

staff augmentation model

Let us cut to the chase.

Staff augmentation is a technique of enhancing productivity, building a team that has increased in response to post-pandemic concerns in the global market.

Not to say, that prior to that it was not that big.
Enterprises and startups have been leveraging staff augmentation to expand their development capability, and deliver better.

Several organizations have turned to staff augmentation or outsourcing for their IT and software development demands. According to a PwC survey, 83 percent of all employers believe the transition to remote work has been successful. Only 13% of CEOs, on the other hand, are willing to abandon the traditional office format.

Meeting project objectives is typically tricky for businesses. However, the following are some of the reasons why most IT organizations choose staff augmentation:

  • Access to a large pool of vetted specialists from all around the world.
  • To recruit a trained individual or a team temporarily to complete a project.
  • Lack of specialized knowledge required at a certain period.

Permanent staffing can be a time-consuming procedure, which adds to the delivery delays. IT staff augmentation, often known as Contract-to-hire, is a methodology for permanent and temporary employees. You will not have to pay any non-compete fees or sign any contracts with the local recruiters involved in the process.

Choosing the Best-Fit Staff Augmentation Model

Staff augmentation solutions are inevitably hybrid and dynamic from the beginning. They are adaptable and are based mainly on the aims and needs of your firm. Defining your company’s goals is the first step in deciding on the best model for your IT augmentation.

Why do you require extra personnel? What are your objectives? To answer such queries, here are three considerations to assist you in making a judgment in response to such questions.

  • Project length: Short-term initiatives are best suited for technical staff augmentation. It is since they are more expensive in the long run.
  • Ramp-up time: This is the time an IT team takes to fully comprehend the complexities of a project before the implementation. Staff augmentation is not appropriate for complicated tasks with a considerable ramp-up time.
  • Security: When working with an augmented team on projects that require a high level of secrecy or security, you should proceed with caution.

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Things to Consider While Choosing an IT Staff Augmentation Model

Dig Deeper & Shortlist the Partners

Examine the company’s reviews, including both positive and negative feedback. Shortlist those companies that have had success in situations similar to the one you’re dealing with.

Detailed Background Check

A standardized evaluation index could aid recruiting decisions in the future. Make sure any potential hires have a comprehensive background check. There is a lot of data to sort through during the hiring process; & the faster the data can be sorted, the sooner you can see results.

Make an Informed Decision

Partnering with a well-established and reliable IT outsourcing company might be better. You’ll have access to a formed talent pool with an established vendor. Once you’ve established cultural compatibility, you’ll be able to draw on a steady supply of employees from a trusted source.

How IT Staff Augmentation Helps in Team Productively

There are a variety of strategies to incentivize your employees to be more productive, including compensation increases, more days off, and team-building events.

On the other hand, these strategies do not function when your staff is overburdened with jobs and cannot focus on all of your company’s business procedures. At times like this, businesses seek external support. When this happens, an IT staff augmentation service can be highly beneficial in the following ways:

Expansion and Adaptation

Flexible hiring is being used by companies looking for staff augmentation to test their acceptability in new areas. Staff augmentation enables businesses to hire on a trial basis without committing to a full-time workforce. It also opens up new opportunities for companies trying to expand.

Companies that hire on a flexible basis can adjust to changing market conditions. As millennials acquire new talents and proficiencies daily, the market demand is rapidly changing. As a result, staff augmentation allows businesses to be more responsive. It enables them to meet changing needs by utilizing project-specific labor.

Access to New & Up-to-Date Thoughts

Having a fixed personnel network might lead to a stagnation of ideas and opinions for business growth and profit growth. Freshly emerging corporate demands frequently require unconventional and inventive methods of delivering results.

Firms can use project-specific hiring to boost their operations by leveraging new ideas. Instead of relying on a box of recycled ideas, IT staff augmentation allows businesses to engage with the perspectives of a diverse team of specialists.

Control and Management for Long-Term

While businesses benefit from the expertise of suppliers, they maintain control over their work and management. The benefits of staff augmentation ensure that only human resources are outsourced to a third party.

Parent firms are frequently excluded from project management and execution when projects are outsourced. Staff augmentation for IT companies avoids this by allowing parent companies to make the final decision. It gives individuals complete control over their initiatives, allowing them to develop whatever they want.

When Should You Consider IT Staff Augmentation Services?

Companies should hire such services when:

  • You’re looking for a skilled person temporarily: You already have engineers working on your product at your local office, but you’d like to extend your team by hiring a second set of web developers to work on a different aspect of the project. You’ll need a staff of three to eight technological professionals, but there aren’t enough qualified people in your area. You understand that hiring locally would take a long time.
  • You want to add an expert to the team: You’re working on a tech product with a group of programmers, and you now need to hire more IT developers. However, because the pool of coders in your country is restricted, you need to broaden your search to include other areas to find someone acceptable.
  • You are looking for effective collaboration: You collaborate on product development with a project outsourcing firm, but this approach isn’t right for you for various reasons. First and foremost, you want to communicate with your team regularly, and second, you want to get to know your remote coders so that they feel like part of your local team.

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To Wrap Up

Staff augmentation can benefit a company if it is done to preserve excellence as the standard and communication as the key to success.

Finding the right individuals and communicating throughout the process are part of planning and preparation. If you follow the procedures above, staff augmentation can help you extend your team, build faster, have a quicker time to market, and usher in a better process while bringing additional leeway and capability.

It, further, could be the next step on your path to success.

Staff augmentation in IT firms is no longer in its early phase. Companies profit from the cost-effective and efficient hiring of employees with extensive skill sets. Furthermore, the millennial age benefits from staff augmentation because they prefer to work on initiatives that require their area of expertise.


IT Staff Augmentation: A Model to Extend your Team
Anup Mehrotra
Published on
May 6, 2022

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