IT Staff Augmentation 2022: A Comprehensive Overview and Report of 2021

IT Staff Augmentation Report

For Hiring in tech firms, there are 2 specific periods of consideration – Before COVID-19, when remote work and staff augmentation were proverbial outcasts and post-Covid where smarter organizations have started to consider smarter hiring through team extension and dedicated development teams. 

The global Outstaffing market was worth $92.5 billion back in 2019. However, post-pandemic, this has changed dramatically. The market for IT staff augmentation has grown to more than $132.9 billion.

In recent years, staff augmentation services have become increasingly popular. For tech organizations all over the world, IT staff augmentation is the new normal – where they can choose when to hire and when to churn while being highly flexible.

Not to say the fact that attrition losses are the highest in IT industry and poaching for skills is all the more common than not.

IT staff augmentation combines the benefits of outsourcing and hiring an in-house team, allowing organizations to hire remote development teams fast. As a result, we’re seeing an uptick in companies outsourcing code and IT services to hash out products, projects, and iterations on their softwares.

It is no doubt a great option for companies who want to reduce operating costs while maintaining optimum productivity. However, before utilizing this service, organizations must gain a thorough understanding of IT staff augmentation. 

In this full-fledged report, we aim to provide a detailed review on IT staff augmentation in the post-Covid situation particularly taking a recap on 2021 – and additionally what 2022 could entail.

IT Staff Augmentation- An Overview

IT Staff augmentation, an outsourcing technique, enables you to swiftly obtain highly trained development and engineering talent for your software project. A staff augmentation company will bring in pre-vetted, qualified coders and team members who can help you fill in the gaps in your internal team – either in terms of skill or capacity to code. The hiring firm then conduct interviews with prospects to choose a good fit for their business needs by mapping skill and experience requirement with the profiles.

The augmented staff you select will integrate with your existing in-house team, working within your corporate culture and working together for your strategic objectives. Depending on business demands, you can scale up or down your IT augmented staff.

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The Market Trend and Scope 2022 for Tech Talent – Dedicated Remote Development Teams and Hiring

Budgets for information technology are likely to rise in 2022, due to the post-pandemic lull in scaling and operations. That means more opportunities to hire and bridge the skills gaps that have kept companies from pursuing a variety of ambitious goals in a bevy of technologies.

According to the CompTIA Cyberstates 2021 vFinal, by 2030, IT employment will have grown to roughly 9 million people.

Simultaneously, workers are departing the field owing to retirement and other reasons, which ultimately lead to replacement. This indicates a long-term upward market trend in software hiring all around the world.

That said, organizations are being prudent when hiring – considering Outsourcing software development as a key change to source engineering talent for their projects.

Why Do Businesses Require Staff Augmentation Services?

Never hurry & take the effort to choose an offshore outsourcing partner with the technical competence your software Nowadays, businesses must consider IT staff augmentation services for a variety of reasons. Let’s check out a few;

  • Global pool of Expertise: Staff augmentation service is a great way to recruit a global pool of professionals with advanced technical knowledge. This can help your company scale to meet demand, reduce production time, code cycle, shorten time to market, and accelerate backlog delivery.
  • Productivity & Bandwidth: Your team is unlikely to be able to complete the projects you have. You can use IT staff augmentation to hire coders, testers, or project managers on-site, off-site, or in a hybrid approach to extend your team. This also helps in enhancing the productivity of your internal workforce.
  • Specified abilities and Skills: You may add the skillsets, and experience without hiring new people to your in-house payroll, creating training programs, or paying employment specific benefits. A Dedicated Development team through IT staff augmentation provides you a particular talent set – whether you need programming experience for a specific solution, coders for a specific tech stack, perform quality testing, or integrate DevOps skills into the project.
  • Time & Budget: It’s never easy to complete a job on time and budget. When you hire an outsourcing partner to supplement your IT team, your needs are specified in Service Level Agreements (SLAs), which ensure that deadlines and budgets are met.

We have covered a full-fledged Blog on this, Read Here.

Five Use Cases for the Need of IT Staff Augmentation

When it comes to recruiting in-house staff for any project, it costs you time, money, and effort. IT staff augmentation allows you to hire highly-skilled remote developers for a specific project in your company. As a result, you can save time, cost, and avoid delays in the delivery of software development.

Here are five circumstances in which you might want to invest in IT staff augmentation:

  • Companies looking to hire for flexible projects, and bolster their existing output : When introducing new products or starting new initiatives, it is critical to strengthen or update your current knowledge, even if you have in-house software engineers. In this instance, you might wish to build your team by expanding the external resources supporting the internal team and activities.
  • Companies operating on a deadline : From job posting to onboarding, hiring is a pretty lengthy process. You most likely do not have the luxury of time and patience, which could take up to two months on average. Whether your contract is short-term or long-term, IT staff augmentation can help you achieve your business goals. You can also quickly connect with a vast pool of software engineers from all over the world.
  • When You Required Specific Skills or a Specific profile : It’s good to avail of staff augmentation services if you want to quickly grow your workforce. You can bring in skilled developers or technicians, such as QA experts, DevOps, business analysts, or data scientists.
  • When You Need Support in Building a Team : The hiring procedure is more flexible with IT staff augmentation. Companies can hire trained IT resources externally to fill out the necessary skill gaps in the team on a permanent or temporary basis. IT staff augmentation services can assist you to add qualified technical resources to your in-house development team for a short or long period and remove them anytime when the project is done or the skills are no longer needed.
  • When You Want to Reduce Risk and Attrition losses : IT augmentation team helps businesses with a variety of risks that might result in significant financial losses, lost clients, or the loss of a developer. Augmentation services can provide you with the number of resources you need when in shortage or want to complete the project quickly.

    Also, to avoid the risk of miscommunication, large staff augmentation companies have built management systems and communication best practices to enable seamless delivery of services to clients.


IT Staff Augmentation 2022: A Comprehensive Overview and Report of 2021
Anup Mehrotra
Published on
January 25, 2022

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