IT Outsourcing for Startups: A Proven Growth Hack for Your Business

The budding players in the world of business today have all the possible tools required to be successful in their forte. Not only are they lucky to have a virtual library of the best business practices that they can access anytime, but they also have many hands readily available to assist them. Business process outsourcing is all that is needed for new enterprises to grow faster than ever before.

IT outsourcing has been proven a growth hack for many startups that are now enjoying considerable growth. With so many startups choosing business outsourcing both on-site and offshore, they seem to have the much easier path to traverse than their established competitors do.

Here is how startups benefit from outsourcing services –

  • An opportunity to work with experts and top talents – Startups would love to work with the top people in their respective fields, but they also come with a high price tag. An outsourcing business process provides the chance to access those experts without breaking the bank. Startups may even learn a crucial skill by working with the outsourced industry experts.
  • Focus on key functions – One of the main reasons startups choose to outsource is that it leaves Plenty of Time to focus on what they do the best. General tasks, such as responding to email, inbound calling, accounting, and legal services can be outsourced, provided these are not the central part of startup’s line of business. Outsourcing these kinds of tasks will help them focus on their essentials, yielding better services and profitable results.
  • Streamlined processes – Delegating helps to run business operations in a more efficient and effective manner. Projects and tasks handled by third party providers need not be micromanaged, just monitored regularly. Outsourcing certain tasks will save time and improve the competence of a startup.
  • Cost effective – That your startup will not have to pay salary and benefits to a new hire every month can prove to be a big saving for you. Thus, outsourcing helps startups to get the job done with the same level of quality, but with less financial investment.
  • Scalable goals – Hiring new full-time employees to pursue peripheral tasks might prevent the startup dream from turning into reality. Outsourcing non-core tasks can help managing costs better and in keeping track of your scalability goals.

IT outsourcing is recommended by many organizations that have experienced its many benefits and many were once startups using them. They gain access to industry experts, the opportunity to focus on core competencies, enjoy simpler work processes, and have much better flexibility, all at the competitive price. So, is your startup ready to outsource? Talk to us today!


IT Outsourcing for Startups: A Proven Growth Hack for Your Business
Anup Mehrotra
Published on
July 24, 2018

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