Which is Best – An In-house Team or a Global Delivery Partner for Software Development

You cannot just flip a coin and make a call to choose between having an in-house or outsourced software development team. The crucial decision will depend on several factors. To make an informed decision, we will discuss about the pros and cons of both, so that, you can make a choice according to your business needs and future plans.

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In-house Team

An in-house team may provide you many advantages that you cannot expect from a third party offshore team. The employees in your office understand the work culture and nature of the business quite well. They are accustomed to the technology and methodologies that you have incorporated over the years. Apart from this, they are well aware with the goals and objectives of your business. For a project that requires a long-term commitment, the in-house team developers can easily execute it due to their acquaintance of the project and can fix if a problem arises in the future.

However, there are some difficulties in this as well. First, you need to have qualified resources to hire skilled developers. Second, you must have a good budget to bear their cost. Third, according to the nature of the project, you may sometimes need the additional external developers for your team. Besides these, many other hurdles are there in the process that you may face and you may need to resolve them all. Due to these shortcomings, you may feel the need to hire the best software development professionals from an outsourcing company.

Outsourcing to a Software House

After a thorough calculation, if you find that hiring an in-house team will cost higher than appointing a team overseas for your project is the next best option. Some software companies are specialized in specific areas like data engineering, digital marketing outsourcing, Java outsourcing, eHealth or eCommerce, ERP implementation, cloud application development, etc. Try to select that software house which has a good experience related to your project. You can expect a good quality work from this type of software house.

However, while selecting the skilled people overseas based on a price tag, it is difficult to judge their quality of work. A developer without much experience may create a non-scalable and low quality code that may increase the expenditures in future refinements.

Sometimes, businesses prefer having an in-house team instead of outsourcing their product development due to geographical differences. It is mainly because of the time zone gap, language barrier and technology use. Apart from this, communication can also make you suffer. The problem increases when you fail to meet your outsourcing provider personally. A personal interaction with them is important to know about the updates and developments, work in progress and the way the team works on your project.

To avoid such issues it is important to talk about working in different time zones and possibility of communication barriers before making a deal with an outsourcing partner.

There are global delivery teams and companies that have a reputation of providing best quality outsourcing services by allowing you to build your own team. Netsmartz is one of them. Request a Free consultation to help you decide which option to go for.


Which is Best – An In-house Team or a Global Delivery Partner for Software Development
Anup Mehrotra
Published on
August 27, 2018

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