How Effective is Video-based Learning? 


We’re sure that you are aware of what exactly video-based learning is and how it is used in delivering knowledge or skills for the purpose of learning and training through audio/visual lessons. In the eLearning industry, video-based learning always remains in trend because of its usefulness in teaching complex and sensitive subjects with loads of information. In addition, this form of learning attracts learners from all age groups as they find it interactive and an easy way to understand the content. That’s the reason why videos are popular in promoting eLearning.

For businesses, video-based learning is a great tool that makes life easier on the training department as well as the learners. Simply put, if a company wants to train a new recruit about how the packaging machine works and the process involved, a video tutorial will help teach everything that is needed for doing the job effectively.

When we talk about the effectiveness of video-based learning, it depends on how long the learning tutorials are. The smaller the videos, the more meaningful and effective the learning process. Moreover, when a learner is in control of selecting the content to learn, it turns out to be more effective, especially for corporate learners. You may have heard of TED Talks. To view its videos, we can download its app that shows curated videos based on location, language preferences and individual interests, making it a huge success among its viewers.

The Top Advantages of Video-based Learning

  • Easy to create and customize– With easy to use tools and applications, it has now become much easier to create videos and customize it as per the learning needs by using captions, minimalistic text, transition effects and simple graphics.
  • Affordability– So many innovative platforms allow creation of inexpensive video content for learning. You no longer need to carry a video camera to shoot or use complicated software to create a video.
  • Accessibility– To make video-based learning more effective, the video tutorials are made accessible on any type of device – Smartphone, Tablet and PCs, with quick uploading and sharing options.
  • Educate and Inspire– Videos are not just to teach and train learners about anything relevant. The content in it can have a progressive effect on learners that ultimately inspire and motivates them to work towards achieving a common goal.
  • Fun Quotient– Videos are fun to watch and with some wittiness in the content, the learners feel connected in an entertaining way with the intended topic. With some cool animations and voiceover, video-based learning is competent enough to take learning to the next level.
  • Correlation– Videos have the capability to provide an experience to a learner that helps them to relate with the content better. They learn the exact way of doing a process or performing a job and use their learning experience to deliver what is expected.

It’s not just these advantages that makes video-based learning so effective, there is more to it. If you want to find out how useful it will be for your learning and training requirements, and if you want to learn how to design and deliver successful video-based learning, schedule a free consultation with our eLearning consultant.


How Effective is Video-based Learning? 
Umesh Goyal, Vice President
Published on
June 29, 2018

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