Hiring Remote .NET Developers: The How-to and the Why-to Guide


Are you seeking experienced .NET developers? Be prepared to shell out a lot of money to bring .NET engineering talent to your team.

Why? Because there is a severe shortage of .NET talent.

Most talented .NET programmers either relocate to major corporate centers or charge expensive rates. In such a situation, a startup or enterprise’s sole option is to look for relevant talent elsewhere.

And that entails conducting extensive research, locating the best vendor, vetting, interviewing, determining skill level, and calibrating potential hires with requirements and tasks per their skill grade.

When faced with a circumstance like this, smarter CTOs and CEOs often opt for another strategy: hiring dedicated .NET developers and teams.

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What is .NET Development?

net development

.NET is a framework/open-source developer platform that includes tools, libraries, and programming languages for developing apps. An accessible, open-source, cross-platform technology framework, .NET is used to create various applications – offering interoperability between apps, cross-platform functionality, type safety, and development portability to programmers. Furthermore, it supports multiple languages and editors and allows programmers to create web apps, mobile apps, desktop software, games, and IoT applications.

.NET Framework, Xamarin, .NET Core, and Universal Windows Platform are the four categories or product groups (UWP). And each of them has its own set of frameworks and libraries that help build applications.

Who is a .Net Developer?

A.NET developer produces and designs apps for Microsoft. NET platform. They also help with other activities such as installing and maintaining.NET applications and services such as backend services, microservices, Web-based APIs, web services, and so on.

A.NET developer’s responsibilities may include:

  • Working with customers.
  • Creating and implementing applications depending on these clients’ business needs.
  • Reviewing the performance of produced apps.
  • Providing patches to remedy malfunctioning apps.

Hard and soft skills like analytical skills, problem-solving, teamwork, and so on are required for a.NET developer to succeed.

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The Future of .NET Development

  • According to Datanyze, .NET was used to create 11,223 websites in 2021 alone. The total number of websites now stands at 1,319,665.
  • Regarding online apps, Microsoft DOTNET has a market share of 63%, making it the most popular framework.

Hiring a Dedicated .NET developer will save you time & money while allowing you to create dynamic content-driven websites and applications. Let’s take a closer look at – what .NET development is and why businesses need to follow the benefits of hiring a Dedicated Remote .NET developer.

Why is .NET Important for Web App Development?

Here are a few elements that explain why .NET development has become so popular:


1. Extremely Scalable

.NET includes several scalability features that enable software developers to manage sessions and events across several servers. Furthermore, you can quickly handle your web application and add different functionalities as it expands with .NET development.

2. Agility

The user interface in .NET is simple. As a result, navigating between different components when constructing the web app becomes quite simple. Easy navigation also lets developers control their web app’s many actions.

3. Reusability of Code

Thanks to code reusability, developers don’t have to rewrite code from scratch whenever they want to add a new feature. This reduces overall development time and, as a result, development costs.

Why Should Your Business Hire Remote .NET Developers?

Pointers for .net developers

Now that we’ve covered the fundamentals let’s look at some of the most compelling reasons to hire .NET engineers.

1. Reduce the Cost of Development

Every company hopes to reduce development costs when establishing a web application. Whether you’re a startup, a giant enterprise, or a tiny business, the cost of developing a .NET app will become much more critical as you scale.

Hiring remote .NET engineers will be highly beneficial in this instance.

Compared to engaging a full-fledged development team, remote developers have set milestones and deliverables – mapped to certain person-hours and expectations.

Thus, hiring remote developers not only saves you money on salary but also saves you money on other expenses.

2. Excellent Expertise

The outsourcing market has changed dramatically over Time. Today, highly qualified ASP.NET and .NET core developers can be found worldwide.

You can anticipate excellent expertise when you outsource .NET core development. These developers are skilled in Angular and Node.js, as well as other recent front-end development technologies. You can hire an offshore ASP.NET development organization to acquire best-in-class web development services.

3. On-Time Delivery

When working on a web application, an offshore development, or a dedicated .NET development team offers their tech and industry exposure and takes a tried-and-true approach. The primary goal of such groups is to complete the project on time without making any mistakes.

With expertise working on various web development projects, offshore developers understand how to complete a project within the specified time frame. These teams also bring in the Agile development protocols and methodology to speed up the development process and deliver your project on time while meeting your requirements.

4. Focus on Core Competencies

You must maintain your primary business objectives, whether a startup or a well-established company. And it will become challenging to retain talent in today’s highly competitive industry.

In that regard, you can outsource .NET development tasks to a dedicated remote development; you’ll free up time and resources to concentrate on your company’s strategic objectives.

Because the remote developers will handle the entire development process, you can focus on your high-priority activities while leaving the application development to the experts.

What are the Roles & Responsibilities of a .NET Developer?

.NET developers are in charge of planning, implementing, and developing software solutions that meet various project requirements.

Additionally, a .NET developer has to perform the following:

  • Software design and development
  • Prepare documentation for .NET apps with test-based applications
  • Developing .NET applications
  • Monitor and support the various system activities
  • Identify & develop action plans to improve and optimize apps
  • Work on Interface and component design
  • Create test plans & technical standards

How Much Does Hiring .NET Developers Cost?

The .NET developers you hire will determine the extent of your project’s success and define the timeline and production of your web/mobile app. To that extent, you must choose a dedicated offshore development company to provide you with the best team of .NET developers.

The hourly rate of developers on freelancing websites might be lesser, but that could also entail a lack of quality and poor project cycle progress.

You could consider a managed service for .NET development, wherein your vendor would offer contingency plans, milestones, project managers, and the required number of developers.

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Hiring Remote .NET Developers: The How-to and the Why-to Guide
Parth Gargish
Published on
November 22, 2021

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