Startups That can Grow Substantially with Dedicated App Development

The days when a great concept was the only essential requirement to establish a successful business are long gone. If you have a fantastic idea, luck will come from business funding and angel investors who are prepared to take a risk on you.

A good concept alone is insufficient in today’s innovation-hungry world.

To make an impact, you require execution and unique business apps.

Apps make it considerably simpler for startups to maintain track of and successfully carry out their company strategy and increase organizational efficiency.

Suppose you refrain from engaging in app development for your business. In that case, you won’t be able to reach a significant portion of your prospective market, as 66% of people now access the internet via smartphones rather than PCs. 

Do You Need Startup App Development Services?

Depending on the firm’s industry, it may require a customized app to boost its business processes and staff productivity before investing in a consumer-facing app. 

But how can you determine if you work in a sector where investing in app development is necessary?

Well, that’s when contacting qualified, dedicated app developer businesses may be helpful.

It would help if you had an app development business that can create excellent apps for you and one with experience in stabilizing and expanding growth. 

There are six primary startup kinds that business owners frequently enter. Add an easy-to-use business app to the mix, and the prospect for development will significantly increase.

Here are the six categories of organizations that may gain enormously from a business app right away:

benefit of mobile app

1. Startups in the Lifestyle

In recent years, more than 80 percent of the time spent on smartphones is for app usage. This has created a surge in mobile apps for unprecedented revenue for consumer-based avenues that ultimately help revenue growth. 

According to the Statista Research Department, mobile app downloads crossed 200 billion globally in 2019 as the number of apps increased continuously.

Mobile app revenue reached 318 billion dollars in 2020 and is expected to reach 613 billion by 2025.

Mobile app revenue stats

Source: Statista

Data depicts the huge growth potential Lifestyle startups can achieve through app development.

Making money while enjoying the lifestyle of your choice is the hallmark of a lifestyle startup. These entrepreneurs follow their passions and do what they want. They are motivated by this ambition to improve every day and, in the end, become successful entrepreneurs. 

There are several examples of such apps and startups where-in people like fitness lovers, travelers, storytellers, and many more have turned their passion into mobile apps. To name a few— Salut, Magisto, Acast, Calm, Huddles, and so on. Through their mobile apps, they have made life easier for several people.For example, one such app is Washbox24.

This laundry app is revolutionizing the way laundry is being done in Bangkok. You must sign up for the service, buy a package and drop off your clothes at the designated wash box. At the time, the services provided by them were only SMS-based. However, their future expansion plans include them shifting towards a mobile app.

2. Small Business Startups

Small businesses are founded by ordinary individuals on the street. They don’t want to be huge, but they want to provide a good living for their family and friends by delivering the best to end customers.

If you’re starting, you only require a consumer app once, and if you need to expand your business. You will, however, require a responsive, customized website that allows customers to explore, order, and monitor the products/services they wish to purchase.

In such cases, a shopping cart with many online payment alternatives significantly boosts sales. SMEs have consistently created jobs over the last five years. SMEs have an important role in contributing to innovation. 

For example, small startups like Chocolate, Yogibo LLC, Pizza Company Inc., and are considered the perfect examples that have greatly profited from investing in web apps and are now highly successful.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are responsible for creating countless jobs, contributing to global economic growth by providing employment, and stimulating industrialization. These contributions vary significantly between industries, businesses, and nations.

According to 82% of the SMEs polled, mobile technologies provide them with a significant competitive advantage, such as improved agility and flexibility in their operations and client interactions.

3. Scalable Startups

Skype, Facebook, and Twitter are excellent examples of scalable businesses. Scalable companies are most often in the technology area. It’s also because they’re scalable, which means they can keep raising their income while reducing their incremental expenditures to a low.

According to Fred Destin, a venture capitalist, 

“Scaling relates to the stage in a startup’s life when the board believes they can methodically accelerate expansion while remaining confident that the resources invested will provide tremendous and demonstrable returns.”

It usually occurs when the right target market for the product has been identified, and the hunt for a repeatable sales or customer acquisition methodology has generated sufficient positive data.

Given that scalable startups bring technical solutions to the market, they are already highly invested in mobility technologies. Uber, Airbnb, and Basecamp are modern examples of scalable enterprises. 

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The business must seek assistance from a skilled software development company when the internal development team cannot meet consumer requests. 

If not, it runs the danger of losing its clients. This is not it; there’s a second part to this blog. Stay tuned to learn more about the other three categories. 

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Startups That can Grow Substantially with Dedicated App Development
Kanav Jain
Published on
April 5, 2023

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