What makes the Angular Best Framework to Develop Web Apps

Angular web app development

Due to the intensity of the competition to draw web traffic, the increasing propensity to develop interactive web and mobile applications is prevalent among businesses.

Several languages are available, and JavaScript is among the most popular among web developers. This would again put the dilemma of choosing the proper JavaScript framework for optimal results.

According to a survey by Stack Overflow in 2020, one of the most popular web frameworks in the front-end category is the Angular web framework.

Angular is a preferable robust front-end tool that assists people in writing easy-to-use, readable, and viable code. At the same time, Angular JS is a front-end Javascript framework primarily aimed at building single-page web applications (SPAs).

What is the Angular Framework?

Angular programming language, also known as Angular 2+ or Angular V2, is a type-script-based application framework. With its introduction, it is an open-source language that is rewritten by the same Google Angular team that developed Angular JS.


Angular is believed to be a robust JavaScript-based framework used for web app development basics. Here are a few features of the Framework that would help you to develop a better understanding:

1. Cross Platform

The angular software developers can effortlessly make desktop-dependent AngularJS apps for Mac, Windows, or Linux by leveraging native OS APIs.

2. Efficiency

  • Angular generates UI with simple and authoritative templates.
  • Angular CLI is formed swiftly, adds components and tests, and then deploys the part immediately.

3. Full Development Support

With Angular’s intuitive API, web developers can make high-performing animation timelines with less coding.


The Angular framework’s architecture adheres to the MVC architecture.

Architecture of Angular
  • Controller: The controller contains the business logic. The user input stimulates the operations accumulated inside the controller.
  • Views: These are utilized to signify the arrangement layers which are made accessible to the end users.
  • Models: These are used to characterize the data and comprise past growth declarations.

Reasons why you should use Angular for Web App Development

Now that we have explained the basics of deploying the Angular Framework for web development, we will go through the list of all the reasons why you should utilize the same:

1. TypeScript

Angular developers prefer programming and doing all the development with TypeScript language. Why? Here are a few reasons:

  • Typescript provides consistency in documentation, which adds coherence to the information and the way the code is being read.
  • Applications become better and are easy to maintain.
  • Avoid confusion and overload in decision-making owing to the consistency offered by JavaScript.

2. Injection and Management of Dependencies

The injection of dependencies is used more and more in the day-to-day life of remote angular developers. This helps simplify the testing of our application and further allows us to encapsulate the services being used within our functions and controllers.

Other libraries like RequireJS and joint allow us to control the dependencies so that the global scope, i.e., window, is not contaminated and shadow-variable problems are saved. With AngularJS, you get an added advantage of a dependency injection solution, so you don’t have to manage these dependencies through external libraries.

3. It offers more Features than a Simple Library

Since Angular is a framework, it offers more features than a simple library. With much similar software, developers have to use third-party libraries in the development process. With Angular, you can get a series of options that helps you to intimate the decision-making process.

With Angular, you already know from the beginning the entire process of organizing the code, the different tasks you need, and the architecture of the application you are building.

4. Robust MVC Architecture

In contrast to other JavaScript frameworks used for web app development, the Angular Framework is based on the component-based MVC architecture.

This architecture allows web apps to deliver a better user experience than native apps. This architecture also speeds up the development process and reduces development costs.

5. Accessible Components

The Angular design adopts the web components standard based on APIs that allow users to create custom, reusable and self-contained HTML tags. The feature of custom components provided by this Framework will work in modern browsers with JavaScript frameworks deployed with HTML.

The components created in Angular can be easily converted into native app components.

6. Ahead-of-time Compiler

The AOT compiler in the Angular applications helps to translate HTML, ES6, and Typescript into JavaScript during the development process. This process conveys that the code base is assembled before running your browser and web app.

The AOT compiler is more secure than the just-in-time (JIT) compiler.

Wrapping Up

Angular is already leading the way for many JavaScript frameworks and will continue to rule in the coming times. There are various advantages of Angular that hardly any app can match out of choice.

The programming is majorly done in plain text up to now, and with the usage of IDEs and advanced editors, understanding the code’s development can be facilitated.

So, what are you waiting for now? Hire Angular developers now to build and scale your web apps!


What makes the Angular Best Framework to Develop Web Apps
John Ogden
Published on
September 26, 2022

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