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Top React UI Frameworks you Should Consider in 2022

Best React UI Frameworks for app development

An attractive and responsive UI is the pillar of user engagement.

This is why as a startup owner, you must pay close attention to building a great UI for your app. This can be done by either using a UI tool or writing the entire code.

Designers often enjoy creating their CSS code for design. However, it can be difficult to even create a straightforward Card when the clock is ticking. Instead, why not employ some UI libraries or frameworks to get things done right away? This way, you can invest more time into working on the app’s functionality.

So take a moment to glance over our list of top React UI component libraries before beginning your upcoming React project to build a killer UI.

1. Ant Design

Ant Design

Ant Design is considered one of the leading React component libraries when it comes to developing apps for large-scale companies. Consider using Ant Design to design and construct a full-scale application.
Additionally, 50 different components are included in the library to offer extensive and flexible designs.

Features of Ant Design

1. Easy customization of themes:

There are a lot of potent themes available that can be altered to fit particular requirements.

2. Support for the environment:

Providing complete backing with explorer 11 could serve as the foundation for all contemporary browsers.

3. Adaptive tools and materials for design:

It offers a thorough selection of top-notch materials and tools for developing and designing.

Top companies using this framework:

  • Binance
  • Alipay
  • Tencent


  • Es6 support
  • Streamlined integration
  • Proper documentation
  • Customizable fonts

2. MaterialUI


Google created the design language known as MaterialUI. It’s one of the most effective tools, which contains a large number of UI widgets that are easily accessed and customized. These elements improve application speed by sustaining themselves and only injecting styles that the user will require to see. It offers a straightforward, lightweight consumer design and structure to make creating engaging apps simple.

Features of MaterialUI

1. Rapid color shifts:

Enabling the night theme so that the visitors can see the display clearly is simple thanks to Material UI, which has two colors for a light and dark version.

2. Functionality:

One has complete freedom to choose stylistic elements or CSS elements thanks to this level of adaptation, which is essential for expanding the scope of a design library.

3. Alternate between RTL and Non-RTL:

RTL languages like Arabic, Persian, and others may be supported with Material UI. Additionally, switching between RTL and non-RTL is possible without any noticeable lag.

Top companies using this framework:

  • Scale


  • Open-source
  • Supports a wide range of variables
  • Huge community
  • MIT license

3. Semantic UI

Semantic UI

Semantic user interfaces Semantic UI uses React as its authorized React integration. The workflow gains more capability thanks to the jQuery-based library Semantic UI. Semantic UI React has redone all the additional capabilities in React code. Direct element creation is done using JSX code, which is then bound to the code for the corresponding React element. It has a long list of preconfigured parts that are created especially to understand and write code that is semantically sound.

Features of Semantic UI

1. Enhancement:

By letting you create custom element functionalities, the React CSS library aids in giving you more access.

2. Minor elements:

Your markup can be accessed and edited in any way you choose, thanks to sub-components.

3. Auto-controlled condition:

Using React UI frameworks helps in handling props by expanding the idea of controlled and uncontrolled elements.

Top companies using this framework:

  • Lumeneo


  • More than 50 UI elements
  • Easier debugging
  • Adaptive
  • Simple customization

4. Grommet


A React-based framework called Grommet offers themes, Reactivity, flexibility, and usability in a neat package. Including an intuitive library section, Grommet makes it easier to create flexible, inclusive, and mobile-first web applications. Grommet’s ability to be seamlessly integrated into future initiatives as well as those that are already underway is one of its strongest features.

Features of Grommet

1. Effective tools for theming:

It may be modified using sophisticated and contemporary theming tools to accommodate your text, hue, and design requirements. Also, the way the various parts interact can be controlled.

2. Receptive:

Grommet is a basic element library providing flexible, mobile-first React UI frameworks and components for Webapps.

3. Set of icons:

The vast selection of SVG icons in Grommet’s Icon element may very well be perfectly matched with the system’s plain and defined appearance.

Top companies using this framework:

  • Netflix
  • Uber
  • Samsung
  • HP


  • Flexible layout
  • Control over element interaction

5. Chakra UI

Chakra UI

You may create React apps with Chakra UI, a straightforward, flexible, and easily navigable element framework. With the help of props, Chakra UI’s design elements, such as Box and Stack, make it simple to decorate the elements.

The majority of the parts are capable of working in the night theme. This can help you get started by showing you how to create straightforward, assemblable elements that address actual UI design flaws.

Features of Chakra UI

1. User-friendly:

You aren’t required to stress about the complex configuration with Chakra UI, so it provides plain, and easy-to-use React UI libraries.

2. Modular:

Modular React elements are included in the Chakra UI framework to support the creation of clear and effective code.

3. Reusable elements:

A React element can be modified for potential use in the future and reused several times.

Top companies using this framework:

  • Bonton
  • LUGGit


  • Extensive documentation
  • Responsive

6. Evergreen


Evergreen is a React UI Framework for creating large web applications. Segment’s programmers were responsible for its creation. It offers a collection of building blocks for creating crucial web app functionality. The design of Evergreen is light, uncomplicated, and clean. It allows you to begin creating attractive UI immediately.

Features of Evergreen

1. Constant Flexibility:

Evergreen e as flexible and scalable as feasible, enabling users to design different user experiences. Evergreen’s UI-box foundation allows for limitless adaptability.

2. Simple to alter:

Programmers must have the ability to modify Evergreen’s configurations through an expressive API.

3. Accepts contributions:

It places a high value on appropriate documentation as well as an approachable writing style so that people both within and outside of the framework are encouraged to participate and offer their feedback.

Top companies using this framework:

  • Dashboard
  • Stack


  • Perfect for enterprise-level web applications
  • Has 30+ components
  • HAs Figma library

7. Blueprint


An online UI toolkit called Blueprint is founded on React. Coding for creating and presenting icons, working with times and dates, selecting time zones, and other tasks can be found in the library section. Consider checking out Blueprint when you’re developing anything that has to handle a lot of information and be flexible.

Features of Blueprint

1. Intuitive functions:

It features roughly 30 common components in its CSS library for React. With CSS, you may change each one’s appearance.

2. Very little scripting:

With little to no coding from your side, you can adjust these parts and applications using the interface’s capabilities.

3. Simple for using:

Blueprint’s multi-touch layout is incredibly simple and user-friendly, making it possible for designers and programmers to create apps more quickly and easily than ever.

Top companies using this framework:

  • Onedot
  • OnVoard


  • Has 40+ components
  • Its library supports chrome

8. Bootstrap


Built upon this bootstrap library, React Bootstrap is a UI toolkit. React code is easily exchanged for JavaScript in the standard Bootstrap elements. Since there are so many bootstrap templates to choose from, using React bootstrap is typically simple to utilize.
React Bootstrap could be extremely helpful if you wish to swiftly design React applications. It offers a ton of starter kits, tools, and templates that are immediately usable.

Features of React Bootstrap:

1. Out-of-the-Box Accessibility:

Accessibility is important when developing any website. React Bootstrap makes it much simpler to create accessible elements than vanilla Bootstrap does.

2. Smoother coding:

React Bootstrap makes use of React-style elements that offer each and every standard Bootstrap classifier and generate cleaner, easier-to-understand code.

3. Virtual DOM insertion:

Bootstrap elements can be quickly added to the Virtual DOM using virtual DOM insertion.

Top companies using this framework:

  • Chaskiq


  • Customizable Bootstrap
  • Supports CSS and SASS

9. Fluent UI

Fluent UI

Fabric React was the previous name for it. Fluent UI is one of the cutting-edge UI libraries currently utilized by the Microsoft dev team. This is distinctive due to the functional and aesthetic similarities between its elements with the Office product.

Features Fluent UI

1. Perceptive and potent:

Its strong user interface connects ideas with individuals and predicts their demands.

2. Adjustable:

It produces strong, modern, and easily available elements that are incredibly adaptable using CSS-in-JS.

3. Platform-neutral:

This open-source, cross-platform designing framework, Fluent UI, gives developers and designers the resources they require to produce excellent applications.

Top companies using this framework:

  • Microsoft


  • Styling capability without utilizing code
  • Enhanced flexibility

10. Redux


The most striking aspect about Redux is how foreseeable it is. Choosing the values that elements must offer remains the only thing left to do. Through the relevant interface, it would be automatically retrieved, modified, and notified. As a result, it’s an easy-to-use interface that allows users to check the code in a variety of circumstances and precisely evaluate the results.

Features of React Redux

1. Improvement of performance:

Significant efficiency enhancements built into React Redux allow rendering of elements only when absolutely necessary.

2. Support from a sizable community:

With such a large user community, React Redux makes it simple to receive assistance, learn industry standards, utilize React’s UI libraries, and transfer your knowledge to other apps.

3. React Redux interface bindings:

To guarantee that React elements function as intended, React-Redux, which serves as the official Redux binding for React, is upgraded with any modifications to either library’s API. Making descriptive elements that adhere to its design guidelines is how React is designed to be used.

Top companies using this framework:

  • Indeed
  • Aircall


  • Optimizes performance
  • Makes debugging easier
  • Enhances performance

Wrapping Up

Now you know some of the widely used React UI frameworks. Each of these has its own set of advantages. However, as a startup owner, it might be difficult for you to decide which UI framework to choose. So, before starting an important project, it is always better to hire developers for startups from trusted software development firms.

Like Netsmartz.

What we offer:

  • Hire skilled and pre-vetted ReactJS programmers
  • Risk-free onboarding, pay only if satisfied
  • Autonomous expert team: We just don’t offer a resource
  • Simplified communication: Better collaboration for better visibility
  • Timezone aligned service: Choose an offshore and nearshore engagement
  • Flexible full or flex-time engagement models

So, without wasting more time, schedule an interview today.


Top React UI Frameworks you Should Consider in 2022

An attractive and responsive UI is the pillar of user engagement. This is why as a startup owner, you must pay close attention to building a great UI for your app. This can be done by either using a UI tool or writing the entire code. Designers often enjoy creating their CSS code for design.… Continue reading Top React UI Frameworks you Should Consider in 2022

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