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According to the 13th edition of the World Quality Report 2021-22, the demand for quality assurance solutions is increasing. 

Also, Gartner reported that 88% of service leaders admitted that their quality assurance processes were ineffective, resulting in poor customer service. 

In 2023, the world of software design & development is continually changing. It strongly emphasizes quality, security, and a commitment to quick development abilities. 

The functionality and usability of software are determined by its User Interface and API. Secure software must perform well under various conditions, which demands rigorous testing. 

Software quality is of utmost importance since it significantly impacts the user experience. Speaking of which, software testing should be given the same priority as software development. To ensure that top-notch software reaches the end users, in-house software testing can be supplemented with software testing outsourcing.

This whitepaper discusses how you can enhance in-house capabilities with software testing outsourcing to achieve Faster time-to-market while ensuring bug-free projects.