Netsmartz introduces Virus Tracer

Netsmartz Introduces Virus Tracer – Immediate & Direct Tracing

Taking A Step Ahead to Fight against COVID-19

From the very first cases in China to more than 190 countries in just four months, COVID-19 is a global pandemic that has left the world devastated. The rising number of cases and the inability to find the cure for the condition has brought most countries to their knees.

Currently, the only way to help control the devastation left behind is to enforce shutdowns, practice quarantining, look after existing patients, and traces those who are likely to be infected with the contagion.

Over the years, Netsmartz has been recognized as a brand that puts forward innovative ideas to help the community. From our service-based solutions to the ventures that are designed for public interests, we have worked to deliver the finest services to the public.

We are happy to share an innovative application called “Virus Tracer,” the first of its kind. The app can help improve the speed of tracing COVID-19 infected people with far more precision. At Netsmartz, we take pride as a Development Partner for Vaim technologies (a renowned name in healthcare technology) and Netsmartz Development Partner) who, in collaboration with other US-based non-governmental agencies, have designed the app.

How the App Works

This app is set to release within a week to help healthcare authorities contact people who are suspected of exposure control the unwanted spread. With the goal to flatten the exponential rate of contagion, the app can run on both iOS and Android platforms.

The application is designed to exchange signals between two short distant smartphones as it keeps on running in the background once installed. For instance, when one user who comes into the proximity with some another user for a certain amount of time, the app records the information like the time and location of the contact which is automatically stored in the app data center in form of encrypted files.

Further, if a user shows as positive on the provider side portal, the tracer app requests access to the infected person’s app known contact list, which is different than the phone contact list. Once granted access, all recent contacts are immediately informed through an automated system that includes information on any steps they need to take.

Straight from the Leadership Board

Take a look at what the app stakeholders have to say about the “Virus Tracer” app

Manjeet Dhariwal , Co-founder, Netsmartz

“One of the strengths of this application is that it provides a simple solution [to contact tracing] by using the most concrete technological solutions to date… a powerful combination of basic technology already existing in all smartphone including Bluetooth, for data exchange.” He also said that “This app provides a critical component to prevent fraudulent input of cases into the program.”

Manipal Dhariwal , Co-founder, Netsmartz

“It is a moment of pride. I am glad that Netsmartz is a part of a project that is designed to help the community in this crisis, and we at Netsmartz truly believe that the introduction of a virus tracer would be a big step towards that.”

Dr. Aaron Feiler, Co-founder, VAIM Technologies

“The beauty of the [Virus Tracer] strategy is that it quickly identifies and notifies potentially exposed individuals before they can pass the virus on to others and immediately provides appropriate steps for them to follow, including self-screening, evaluation by a healthcare professional, and potential testing for the COVID-19 virus.”

Mr. Peter Bartek, an independent senior advisor to Virus Tracer and executive for a Fortune 500 Company

“We hope to get the attention of the White House task force that is looking at potential tech solutions to curb the spread of the COVID virus. Our team includes top doctors, tech companies, and executive graduates from Wharton and Lehigh University.”

“We are actively working with major healthcare organizations to provide a wider national strategy for contact tracing by leveraging this powerful technology for the current and any future crisis.”

Dr. Sarkaria, a practicing thoracic surgeon in a large academic practice

“The devastation caused by the COVID-19 epidemic in major US cities is horrifying… the medical facilities and their healthcare workers are simply overrun, overburdened, and overexposed with the disease.” He added, “The speed of accurate contact tracing and intervention is the single most critical step in preventing further widespread transmission of the disease. This is what we hope to achieve with this technology”.

He further stresses, “While the current fight is against COVID-19, we can anticipate this will not be the last. Current experience with this technology will be important to prepare against, protect, and prevent future pandemics of this scale.”

Mr. James Downs, a senior advisor to the Virus Tracer project and President of the Downs Group

“This is a global crisis, and we feel passionate about being part of the solution. We believe this technology will be an important contribution towards that goal,” he states. “At the end of the day, we want to help end this pandemic, learn from it, and move forward with better and more sophisticated tools to prevent this from happening again.”

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