December 27, 2019, Chandigarh–2019 marks the 20th anniversary of Netsmartz. With more than 2000 successful project deliveries over the past 20 years and an extended family of 1000+ team members, the 20th corporate bash celebration was colossal. It was more than just lights and flowers since it was all about the people who made Netsmartz reach its success. The expansion of the company from an apartment in Rochester to 8 Global locations and attaining a 98 percent satisfaction rate with so many happy clients are, of course, some big reasons to celebrate.

Hosted on December 20th, 2019, at the lush green gardens of Sekhon Banquets (Zirakpur, Punjab), the corporate bash was packed with excitement and fun all around. From top-level management and high-profile clients to the amazing team members and their families, the event was filled with the vibe of festivity.

Nemsmartz Corporate Bash Venue Picture

Though the corporate bash is something that happens every year, the 20th corporate bash surpassed any other since it included clients and employees from across the globe. A greater charm was added to the party with the presence of our Alumni, the people who have no longer been a part of the organization but have made a lot of efforts in making Netsmartz a great organization and are still contributing to it.

Some of the esteemed names from overseas who have always contributed their valuable efforts to the company were also present to add to the elegance and charm of the event.

From our Pittsburg office, we had John Odgen and Edward Williams, plus Mark Manioci and Matthew Ray, who are extremely capable and talented people that have helped establish Netsmartz as a brand on the Global Stage. From our Canada business center in Ontario, we had Shawn Suave and James Martin join us. Their affection and solicitude for Netsmartz were reflecting clearly through the massive sophistication they added to the event.

From our exotic business city, Singapore, we had Deniel Singh.
Throughout the years, Deniel has helped us in establishing our brand in Singapore and has made it touch the heights of prosperity.


Glimpse of Dhariwal Family and Netsmartz Clients

On this brilliant occasion, the backbone of the company, Mr. H. S. Dhariwal (Chairman), Mr. Manjeet Dhariwal (Co-Founder), and Mr. Manipal Dhariwal (Co-founder) extended their greetings and gratitude towards all who stood by the company during its highs and lows.

The venue was filled with zest and zeal with the celebration of the success attained over 20 great years. The event started with the cheerful and empowering words of Mr. Manipal Dhariwal, and then it was all about dance, drinks, recollecting memories, and enthusiasm for the company’s success. The lightning moments like the Flash Mob, the traditional Bhangra dance, and many more performances by the Netsmartzians, were all treats to the eyes and added to the party feel.

Though the 20-year celebration was unique in its own style, it is entirely the brilliance that people have added to Netsmartz with their extreme dedication and services over time. To honor their contribution and hard work they have put in Netsmartz to make it stand as a legendary brand, we had different award categories at the event.

Stalwart & Outstanding Leadership Award

Every organization has some people who never back down on it and to recognize such dynamic leadership and astonishing perseverance, Netsmartz decided to pay respect with the Stalwart & Outstanding Leadership Award. With this special award, Netsmartz showed extreme appreciation and admiration to the contributions of Sanjay Agarwal (COO Netsmartz) and John Ogden (General Manager, Director of Channel Sales) for their significant contributions and dedicated service.

Outstanding Leadership Award at Netsmartz Corporate Bash

15 Great Years of Fidelity

15 years is not a small period of time and we feel proud to have people who have dedicated such a big span of time to Netsmartz with all their hearts and will. The first two names that take the fall into this category were our extremely talented and inspirational VPs, Amit Doda (VP, Digital Marketing) and Umesh Goyal (VP, eLearning). Some of the other awe-inspiring names that landed into this category were Balram Duggal, Sunil Kumar Choudhary, Shankra Samntha, and Munish Gupta.

Great Years of Fidelity with Netsmartz Family

10 Years of Wisdom

The next category of the award that we had was recognizing the modest and priceless contributions for a massive 10 years. In this category, we again had three of our most prominent names, Sanjay K Aggarwal (COO, Netsmartz), Anup Mehrotra (VP, Sales & Marketing), and Bharat Mittal (Principle Solution Architect, Netsmartz). We also treasure the role and inputs of Amandeep Singh Cheema, Bhupinder Singh, Santosh Kumar, Jagmohan Singh, Manpreet Singh Lamba, Omender Pal Singh, Rahul Sehgal, Rasleen Ahluwalia, Sumeet Kumar, Sumeet Srivastava, Sunil Dhawan, Sushil Kumar, Sushil Badyal, Vijay Singh Guleria, and Amnish Kumar.

Employees having 10 Years of Wisdom with Netsmartz Family

5 Years of Humble Service

Netsmartz value each and every single effort that has made it attain the position where it has reached. We extend huge affection to those who have given a significant 5 year period of their life to the company. The first name that we had was Parth Gargish (VP, Business Operations) who has always added considerable elegance to Netsmartz. Along with him, 5-year category had so many good names to appreciate that includes, Manish Kumar, Manjit Kumar, Manwantjot Singh Gill, Milan Kapoor, Poonam, Mohit Sharma, Navjot Singh, Neha Kashyap,  Nehpreet Kaur, Nishu Garg, Pankaj Sharma, Paramjit Kumar, Pawan Sharma, Pooja Sharma, Prashant Soni, Prerna Kapoor, Pritam Singh, Priyanka, Rahul Miglani, Vipul Vohra, Ram Anuj, Shailender Bhatia, Udit Ghai, Vaibhav Saini, Vikas Rana, Vinay Kumar, Sandeep Sharma, Akhil Sood, Sheetal Kadwal, Rajeev Kumar, Shobha Sharma, Aditya Singla, Alok Pandey, Aman Sharma, Amandeep Singla, Amit Kumar Nagar, Amnish Kumar, Anupreet Singh, Atul Kumar, Bharat, Chetan Mishra, Dharmendar Kumar, Gagan Bhargav, Ganesh Bisht, Gaurav Chopra, Geeta Ram, Gobinda Bhatia, Gourav Setia, Guneet Kaur, Gurvinder Singh, Hardeep Singh, Himender Singh, Himmat Pratap Singh Gill, Hamesh Kaplesh, Jaswant Singh, Jaskomal Preet Singh, Jitesh Singla, Lokesh Sharma, Kiran Bharmaik, Karanveer Mor, Kamalnain Singh Ghuman, Kapil Bansal, Jagmohan Singh, Jagsir Singh, Jasbinder Singh, Resham Singh, Mohammad Jikriya, Sharina Singh Kaushal, Maninder Kaur, Hardeep Singh, Kali Dass Thakur, Joginder Singh, Shantanu Chakraborty, and our gem from overseas, John Ogden.

Let us quickly jump to the magnificent journey of Netsmartz over the years of hard work, commitment, and glory. Here’s a glimpse of the achievements that have made Netsmartz stand out during its years of excellence and growth! Netsmartz Timeline

On this momentous event, our top-level management only showed massive appreciation and gratitude towards the people who made it to ‘Make the Cut.’

HS Dhariwal – Our honorable chairman, who holds the organization together like the roots of a tree, addressed the guests with good wishes and blessings. “It is a great feeling to celebrate 20 years of success. I wish the Netsmartz family a very bright future and all-around growth. Good luck to all,” said Mr. H S Dhariwal.

Manjeet Dhariwal: The Co-founder and CEO of Netsmartz, Mr. Manjeet Dhariwal, extended his extreme gratitude to all those who helped achieve the 20-year milestone. “What a wonderful journey this has been overcoming challenges, solving complex problems, and working with wonderful people who have become part of the extended Netsmartz family. As we continue to innovate and work on the solutions that have far-reaching effects and impacts, I am proud that we are together in this and that we have achieved this wonderful milestone. I thank everyone who has been part of this journey so far and look forward to our future together,” said Mr. Manjeet Dhariwal.

Manipal Dhariwal: The Co-founder and CEO of Netsmartz, Mr. Manipal Dhariwal, spoke to those present with energy and enthusiasm. “Today, we want to reflect on the amazing journey of Netsmartz, from where we started in an apartment in New York to where we are today. I would like to thank all my colleagues, our customers, our vendors, and our partners for all your contributions that have helped make this a great organization.We look forward to reaching greater heights of success by following our motto, work hard, party harder!”

Glimpse of the event:

Glimpse of the Pictures - Netsmartz Corporate Bash

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