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Footprints of Magento Meetup December 2019

Powered by Netsmartz, this Magento Meet was meant to bridge the gap between futuristic eCommerce and Magento.
In collaboration with Adobe and some very successful names of the Magento community, the event was organized in a very high spirit.
We had around 80 plus attendees who were deeply immersed and curious to explore the future of Magento commerce and opportunities. All in all, it was a great session that delivered some extraordinary insights which will shape the eCommerce development with better use of Magento technologies.

Magento Meetup Chandigarh


The Magento Meetup December 2019, held at Netsmartz Square on 3rd December, 2019 was all about empowering the Magento community in Chandigarh and nearby regions.
The event called to success with the active participation of Magento experts and curious attendees who exchanged their thoughts on effective Magento development.
Some of the potential gains included technical insights on Magento development, intense interactions with contributors, and productive insights from the Magento core team.
The Magento meet up featured many influencing talks and workshops that were related to eCommerce trends to follow in 2020.

The Meetup Plan:

MANIPAL DHARIWAL at Magento Meetup

The Speaker Keynotes

1. Adopting Magento and sustain competitive eCommerce environment in 2020 by Manipal Dhariwal, Co-founder & CEO, Netsmartz

Unleashing the dynamic development and be future-ready with Magento technologies


Take Away – The event looked at the future of Magento commerce with the practical and uplifting thoughts of Manipal Dhariwal, Co-Founder & CEO – Netsmartz. Since the Magento meet up was powered by Netsmartz, he exhibited intense gratitude to all the attendees. Moreover, he shared some realistic approach to eCommerce with extreme excitement and passion for the possibilities that can be reached in the near future through Magento.

JOSEPH MAXWELL at Magento Meetup
2. Why is it important to get Magento Certified? By Joseph Maxwell

Guide to get Magento certification and how professional certification helps to build knowledge of the development principles.


Take Away – The Founder of SWIFTOtter Solutions and Magento expert, Mr. Joseph Maxwell had his entire focus on the significance of Magento certification. He addressed all the attendees with the detailed idea of attaining the certification including all the points that can help to avoid failures.

Vivek Raina at Magento Meetup

3. Magento B2B Landscape from India Perspective by Vivek Raina

Upgrading the Magento B2B environment by implementing Magento tools and expertise

Vivek Raina

Take Away – Enterprise Sales Manager of South Asia, Adobe, Mr. Vivek Raina delivered a resourceful presentation on the power of Magento eCommerce specifying the benefits like cloud delivery, market time improvements, the performance of the website, reduction in IT costs and of course, the security.

Arun Bansal at Magento Meetup

4. Scaling Magento by Arun Bansal (CEO of ServerGuy and Breeze.io)

Upgrading the server architecture and optimum tech stack for Magento Scalability solutions

Arun Bansal

Take Away – The Founder & CEO at ServerGuy.com & Breeze.io, Mr. Arun Bansal had everything vital for the development of Magento solutions that aligns with a scalable architecture. He shared an impressive outlook of improved Magento development with the use of DNS, CDN, Web-server, Varnish, Elastic search, and other tools.

Vikrant Shukla at Magento Meetup

5. Introduction to Adobe Commerce Cloud by Vikrant Shukla

Vikrant Shukla

Take Away – Business Solution Architect, Adobe, Mr. Vikrant Shukla landed into the event with some impactful insights. With the introduction to Adobe Commerce Cloud, he depicted all the possible ways to boost digital commerce performance. Moreover, he also speaks about Adobe Commerce Cloud’s seamless integration with other Adobe’s tools that leverage the true potential of the Adobe products.

Kamendra Kumar Rao at Magento Meetup

6. Achieving high performance and scalability using Magento – Boutiqaat Case, A study by Kamendra Kumar Rao

To build scalable Magento solutions and yield performance solutions for future-ready eCommerce.

Kamendra Kumar Rao

Take Away – The solution manager and engineering manager of Boutiqaat, Mr. Kamendra Kumar Rao attended the Magento meet with great enthusiasm. He was strongly prepared to share his thoughts on the scalability of eCommerce using Magento. Moreover, he shared some resourceful and dynamic tips to push the performance of Magento solutions that can help to make them future-ready.

Gagandeep Rana at Magento Meetup

7. Magento order management and Magento cloud by Gagandeep Rana

Exercising distributed order management, global inventory management, and Magento cloud.

Gagandeep Rana

Take Away – Magento team lead at Source Mash, Mr. Gagandeep Rana actively shared his idea on Magento order management and Magento cloud. He was well informed and confident about the improvement of the order management process with the adoption of distributed order management, and global inventory management. He also shared some strong insights on trending and vital concepts of Magento development like omnichannel fulfillment for enhanced customer services.

Event at Glance

magento meetup
magento meetup India
magento meetup chandigarh


The recent Magento Meet Up witnessed amazing participation. Since the event was powered by Netsmartz, we worked on everything it takes to turn it into success. Organized in association with source mash and server web, we had the presence of some influential speakers that included Adobe Representatives, Magento Experts, and booming Merchants.
To make the most with the marketing goals, we worked on multiple marketing and promotion strategies. These can be listed as:

  • Email Marketing – To spread the word for the event.
  • Hashtag- #mmchd19
  • Social Media marketing – To build curiosity for the event, gain exposure, and increase engagement.
  • Content Marketing: A dedicated blog post that covered the goals and objectives of the event.
  • Community Awareness: To send customized messages to the communities for event awareness.
  • Interactions: The posts were seen by 20K with an engagement over 1K
magento meetup tricity

Give Away:

  • Discount Coupons from Magento University to all the participants
  • 5 Free 6 Month’s licenses from https://www.mage2.tv/ to people selected via Lucky Draw
  • 20% discount coupon for all the participants on all the courses and material available on https://swiftotter.com/
  • 25% discount coupon for all the participants on all the purchase from https://www.softprodigy.com/store/
  • 15% discount coupon for all the participants on all the purchase from https://magecomp.com/
  • 15 coupons for a one-time 20% discount from https://amasty.com/ people selected via Lucky Draw.
magento meetup 2019

The Abstract

Magento Meetup Chandigarh 2019 summoned up with an incredible experience and apprehension for the audience.
Here we have some valuable recommendations to think of from the event that will make 2020 a year with ample eCommerce and Magento achievements.

  • If you need to be the best B2B solution provider using Magento, make sure you aim high to get Magento Certification.
  • Need to build the value of Magento eCommerce? You need to emphasize essentials like cloud delivery, security, website performance, and go to market time.
  • Want to survive in 2020 and years ahead? All you need is scalable architecture and DNS.
  • You can rule the eCommerce with seamless integration, listing control, and omnichannel execution.
  • The order management could be improved by simply aligning with distributed order management and global inventory management.
  • 15 coupons for a one-time 20% discount from https://amasty.com/ people selected via Lucky Draw.

With the motive to add value to communities and every prospect that looks forward at prolific experiences, Netsmartz works at building the smoothest eCommerce experience that not just catches the attention of the user but pushes them to convert.
As an Adobe solution partner and growing B2B solution provider, Netsmartz always aims to deliver perfection and contribute to the escalation of Magento communities.

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