Netsmartz Leadership Meeting

It was July 19, 2019, when the Netsmartz leadership team met in the beautiful hill station of Kasauli to deliberate about the Annual Planning and Achievements. The principal purpose of this meeting was to discuss the pressing issues, strategic initiatives and portray a roadmap for the upcoming prospects.

This year, the meeting was attended by VP’s, HODs from all the domains and divisions of Netsmartz and group companies. Following the opening speech, Manipal Dhariwal (Co-Founder and CEO, Netsmartz | AISmartz | CareSmartz), began with the recap of the attainments from the previous year till the present quarter of 2019.

The main topics in the spotlight were

  • GPW
  • AISmartz
  • Gemko Acquisition
  • Partnership of Caresmartz with FirstLight Home Care
  • New Building Launch of Netsmartz – “Netsmartz Square” and
  • The New Venture – EcommSmartz

GPW or the Great Place to Work is an awe-inspiring initiative at Netsmartz, that aims at giving the best in class work culture to its employees. There are numerous employee welfare plans under the GPW umbrella, that are being continuously updated to meet the expectations of employees. Talking on the achievements of the GPW program, Manipal Dhariwal shared a list of ongoing activities and some of the upcoming employee welfare plans that are being moulded for a higher level of employee benefits and satisfaction. Further, he shared that there has been an amazing response by the employees for all of the GPW activities conducted in the ongoing and the previous financial year.

Taking the achievement milestones further, Manipal congratulated the entire Netsmartz team for their tremendous hard work in making AISmartz – a division of Netsmartz that deals in Artificial Intelligence services; a trusted choice. The success of AISmartz was measured on the parameter of the world-class AI services catered by the adept AISmartz team and its continuous efforts in bringing out the savvy AI solutions.

Moving ahead, Sanjay Agarwal, COO, Netsmartz discussed on the paramount acquirement of Gemko Information Group LLC and its product ProjectPro; done earlier this month. The focus remained on deep diving into the prospects and blueprint for Gemko’s inception with DynamicsSmartz.

Another breakthrough achievement, where CareSmartz partnered with FirstLight Home Care to cater better services was talked over. The stakeholders studied the ongoing progress post this partnership and created a strategic roadmap for a series of projects under this partnership in the coming days.

Following this annual walkthrough, it was now a proud moment to kick off the new Netsmartz venture – ‘EcommSmartz’, that will cater all the e-commerce application and web development related services. This new venture was welcomed by all the members as they examined the rosters and collaborated on all the strategies to make this new venture a huge success with the most proficient services in the industry. ‘EcommSmartz’ is planned to launch in August/2019.

Another success pillar of the year applauded at this meeting was the new Netsmartz building – ‘Netsmartz Square’ located in Mohali and inaugurated in March 2019. This fully functional hi-tech building caters the increasing demand for smarter IT infrastructure.

Finally, the meeting wrapped up on a mesmerizing evening followed by a sumptuous dinner and wider opportunities for collaboration. The close of the meeting was followed by motivational closing note, by Manipal Dhariwal that said “Achievement is not a particular’s effort; instead it is only a team effort that fosters success and brings in new horizons to rise”.

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