Training for Success!

At Netsmartz, we are big on furthering education. We provide training to fresh graduates to make them industry-ready. In addition, we create structured programs for our employees. We are evangelists for entrepreneurship and startups, plus provide guidance through SACC, an entity co-promoted by us to help potential startups flourish and grow.

Netsmartz Online University

Netsmartz has its own online portal that has comprehensive training material, including in-depth timed interactive multimedia courses, short courses, PDFs, and videos. They cover a wide range of topics including technical, programming, business etiquette, soft skills and more. Our teams members can log in and access the relevant courses that are assigned to them. At our online university, employees have more flexibility to work at their own pace. This helps them to manage their schedule properly and get the required training under their belt.

I have found that the Netsmartz Online University is a great learning resource. Whether it has to do with technical or how to speak to clients on the phone, I can get all the information at one place. New material is also added all the time, so I always find up to date information on the portal.

Rajwant Kaur

Software Engineer

Netsmartz Training

At Netsmartz, we strongly believe in growth of an individual. To accomplish this, we have structured training programs for our employees to help them achieve their training goals.

Corporate Trainers on board

We have experienced, competent corporate trainers who regularly hold workshops on various topics. Our customized courses are tailored to meet specific needs identified within our workforce and are designed to merge with organization’s training, strategy and goals. Netsmartz provides best-of-breed corporate training, whether it is updating of technical skills or soft skills like effective communication, etiquette and better management practices.

A variety of eLearning courses

At Netsmartz, we have a huge library of eLearning courses that cover everything from .NET programming and graphic design to team management and more. We encourage our employees to make full use of these resources and expand their learning horizons.

Life skills workshops and seminars

We periodically organize workshops and seminars run by professionals, such as doctors, psychologists, and finance experts, to help our employees improve their work-life balance.

Corporate trainers on our staff

We have experienced, competent corporate trainers who regularly hold workshops on soft skills like etiquette, communication and leadership skills. Workshops on technical topics are periodically held to assist our employees to take their skills and knowledge to the next level.

My name is Rohit Bhat and I am from Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir. Due to lack of exposure to the young minds of Kashmir valley many of us are not aware of all the opportunities that are present in the market. This lack of exposure many times restricts us to explore our talents and abilities to the fullest. I was lucky to be part of training courses here at Netsmartz that has helped me tremendously in my career.

Rohit Bhat

GPW (Great Place to Work Certification)

We are currently working towards getting a Great Place to Work® Certification. Special workshops and training sessions are being held by GPW trainers to guide us through this rigorous program. We will be the only company in this region to be a certified GPW. Credibility, Respect, Fairness, Pride and Camaraderie are some of essential elements that we are focusing on this program. We believe that happy employees are fuel to our success. We offer an environment that’s engaging and satisfying to our employees.

Netsmartz Academy

Netsmartz Academy is the springboard for young budding engineers. It is a platform which guides them towards employability and career progression. At Netsmartz Academy, we are committed to assisting both campuses and students as a strategic partner in assisting them in achieving their professional goals. As a strategic partner The Academy aims at conducting campus recruitment and post hiring train them as per the requirements of the company.

During their time at the Academy the budding software engineers are given well rounded exposure to customised trainings, live projects, and the opportunity to work on-site with clients.

At the Netsmartz Academy we emphasize on honing individual skill-set and knowledge-base, which is very vital in an ever-changing, fast-paced marketplace. The current employability trends have time and again proven the ever increasing importance of job readiness training. Workforce training is a crucial way to enhance employability and keep oneself competitive, this is where Netsmartz academy plays a very crucial role.

Udaan: IT Training for the youth of J&K

SFS has joined hands with NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation) under the Udaan Scheme to train 200 Jammu and Kashmir youth in the next 3 years. The candidates are offered placement after completion of training. Our training and education promotes new competencies in the young recruits from J&K to create industry-ready, skilled IT professionals. The students receive training in the latest technologies like IPhone, Android, Java, PHP, and .NET. Our focus is to provide hands-on experience on the chosen technology through live projects.

SACC: Training for Startups

SACC, or the Startup Accelerator Chamber of Commerce, is a non-profit entity co-promoted by Netsmartz. It’s goal is to encourage startups in every way possible and includes awareness and training of potential startup entrepreneurs. SACC holds Startup Weekends in India, the globally renowned 58-hour program, where participants learn how to build teams, plus make and present business plans. It also includes the SACC Online University where people are free to learn about entrepreneurship and business planning. The Startup in a Box plug ‘n’ play facility has also been created by Netsmartz for early stage startups, one of the first in the region.


SACC visits colleges and organizes fun bootcamp sessions to sensitize students to entrepreneurship. Catching them young is key to a great startup!

Startup Weekends

Participants form teams, formulate business plans, and present them to prominent investors and businessmen who consult with the participants.

SACC Online University

There are various courses on basic topics for Startups, be it setting up a sales channel, online & conventional marketing, accounts, or branding.

I was struggling when I first started Altolia. I had a unique idea but not much else. Luckily the SACC provided me with space in Startup in a Box and excellent guidance on how I should approach the project. Netsmartz also stepped in with website design, branding and online marketing help. Today Altolia is off the ground!

Rajiv Kondal

Founder, Altolia