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People often use multiple devices to go online, which can take learning beyond the limits of a computer. eLearning courses can be accessed flawlessly on multiple types of devices are what is most needed.

Just how does one get an eLearning course to display optimally on all the screens? Well, that’s what responsive design is all about. At Netsmartz, we follow a responsive design methodology to provide eLearning solutions that seamlessly adapt and cater to different devices, operating systems, browsers and screen sizes.

Responsive or Adaptive, which one should you use?

For optimal display on mobile screens, we follow 2 kinds of design methodologies: Responsive Design and Adaptive Design.

Responsive Design Methodology

Responsive design is based on a flexible grid and uses media queries to respond to screen sizes. The containers are fluid and use percentages as unit measures. We create a flexible grid where text can wrap and images can resize to adjust with your browser window size. When a user accesses the eLearning content, the layout and content respond to the screen dimensions of the device.

Adaptive Design Methodology

With adaptive design, we create course screens as static layouts based on breakpoints. This approach is useful when the course will be viewed only on a set number of devices. Course screens may be designed for display at 320 pixels (mobile phone), 760 pixels (tablets) and 960 pixels (desktop). Depending on the device the user is viewing it on, the adaptive file will detect the device and call up the device-specific layout for viewing. Unlike Responsive design where the design adapts when the browser window resizes, Adaptive design will not change once it is loaded onto the device.

Responsive Design or Adaptive Design - which one should you use?
Responsive or Adaptive, which one should you go with?

Nowadays, more and more people access the Internet through mobile devices rather than desktops or laptops, a responsive design makes for optimal viewing, no matter which device is used. Responsive design is always the safer option. It always works well irrespective of what screen sizes is or will come in future. It is certainly worth the extra effort in putting it together.

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