Reasons Why Tech Startups Should Outsource Development

Most startup entrepreneurs have an urge to do it all and they work with the belief that they need to participate directly in every facet of their business, starting from hiring employees until deployment of the program, just to get everything done how they want it. For them, outsourcing development IS A BIG NO! Give it a thought for a moment though, can you really afford to spend your precious time on developing a product, market it, look through the correct workforce, quotes, and more, then fix bugs on your website? Of course, not. You might come up with two ways to handle it – either putting it all on the plate of your current employees or hiring more highly paid experienced professionals. Neither option is a great solution. However, there is a wiser choice – outsource your development to a specialized organization. From building a micro website to a mobile app, you can delegate a team of professionals and see great results. As Stats says, the Global outsourcing is tremendously booming and it will see a growth rate of 5.84% between 2015-2019 . In addition, it is found that 25% of Information Technology Companies are more willing to outsource. This means that many startups, including your competitors, are very likely to take advantage of outsourcing for developing their products. Here are some of the most proven reasons:
  1. Development Model Costs
Software development Services in North America are extremely expensive for an IT Startup. On the other hand, hiring development professionals from Asia would enormously reduce the operating expenses. It is a better decision to recruit offshore talent from a dedicated development center with a good success rate and choose to pay a bit more than hiring the cheapest and waste your money. Reward – This can easily secure 80% of your startup success.
  1. Technical Expertise
Asia accommodates more than 32.9% of developers and has the deep talent pool with a strong background in mathematics and technical science. This makes these graduates easily available to IT companies to help them increase their deployment needs and provide end-to-end solutions.
  • Dedicated Team of Professional Developers and Designers
  • Custom Software Development (Mobile and Web Applications)
  • Application Testing Services
  • Remote Infrastructure and Hosting Services
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Maintenance and Support 27/4
  • HR and Administration Support
  • Cloud Computing
  • Product Engineering
Reward – Development centers have highly qualified professionals who help in developing custom software for their target audience, which ensures a better percentage of ROI.
  1. Efficiency and reliability
To earn a place in the competitive market, offshore providers need to be efficient, lean, and reliable in all their operations. Hiring them for your project comes with a guarantee that you will get a product with the highest possible quality of software in the shortest time possible. To keep you in the loop of development, they will ensure that elaborate reporting and evaluation procedures are in place. RewardIf you are dissatisfied with the quality of the work, you can always insist on it being redone without incurring extra costs.
  1. Time Delivery and Support
While outsourcing your application development, you must ensure there is a clear roadmap, from designing stage to testing and implementation of your application. A dedicated development center always plans in such a way that there is someone working on your project around the clock. Rewardthis leads to shorter timeframes throughout the project lifecycle. The popularity of dedicated development centers is easily understood, as it comprises of a low cost for highly skilled professionals. It is a beneficial choice for IT startups that have a good mind to invest in successive and development of quality solution.


Reasons Why Tech Startups Should Outsource Development
Anup Mehrotra
Published on
May 29, 2018

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