Python: An ideal language for developing web applications

Python for Web App Development
Selecting the ideal programming language for your company can be challenging, mainly when there are many to choose from. The decision is boggling, more so if your software business is bootstrapped. So, we’ve made a comprehensive effort to cover the basics of the language and the benefits covering why Python is used for developing web applications. First on the chopping block – Python. Python is a solid language for web app development with dynamic typing capabilities if you’re searching for ease of syntax, established libraries, a robust framework, and a quicker time to market. As a rather flexible, easy-to-read/decipher programming language, Python enables developers to code various programs, including games, command-line utilities, web applications, scientific applications, and system applications with graphics. As such, hiring Python developers is the preferred go-to for several startups to jumpstart their application development.

Python Statistics—

  • One of the official languages used by Google
  • Robust support – over 147,000 packages in Python’s package repository
  • Most used web programming languages among developers after JavaScript

What is Python? The Brief Overview

Python is a general-purpose programming language that can be learned quickly and easily. By removing conventional syntax, it makes it easy for non-programmers to read and write code. Another aspect to consider, Python is universal and meets the various needs of the developer. Python’s history dates back to the late 1980s, so developers and business people have used it for 30 years. Furthermore, transitioning from beginner to expert in any programming language takes a long time. In December 1989, the first phase of implementation began. Since then, Python has moved forward without looking back. The language has had phenomenal growth, surpassing languages like Java, C, and others, and its popularity is still rising daily. Python usage increased significantly during 2016, and June 2017 marked the first month in which Python was the most popular tag.

Python Is Popular — The Current Scenario

Python is now widely used in various areas, and web development is one of them. This language is based on data and is built relatively intuitively. Thanks to frameworks like Django and Flask, Python’s popularity will not wane anytime soon. The language is used for system development, web development, and scientific modeling. Another field where Python is highly used is machine learning. Machine learning libraries such as TensorFlow and Keras are handy. Python’s simple syntax allows people to learn the language quickly even when they do not have previous IT experience.
Python Is Popular — The Current Scenario
Source: Stack Exchange Because of its ease of use & versatility, many large corporations and companies have adopted it. Some high-profile companies that use Python as their primary coding language include NASA, Spotify, Dropbox, Instagram, and Google. According to Failory, 16% of startups fail because of financial issues. Analyzing and aligning the budget is the most crucial step in undertaking a Python-based project. Therefore, most businesses opt for Python development outsourcing in such cases as there’s no prior training required, and it’s cost-effective. Quick Plug: At Netsmartz, we help organizations build their software team with the best dedicated Python developers. With rich scripts & a broad range of components, we offer end-to-end Python web development services , which include integration, migration, & consulting. Book a 15-day trial with us to get started.
Benefits of Python

Why Use Python for Web Development: The Benefits

Easy-to-Learn & Read

The simple syntax makes it easier for newcomers to learn the language and join the programming community more quickly. As a result, they can handle complex systems and ensure that all elements are in clear communication with one another. With the help of Python libraries (e.g., Matplotlib), web development companies can visualize data in a format that is easy to understand using a variety of plots and charts.

Asynchronous Coding

Python does writing and maintaining asynchronous code easy since there are no deadlocks or research contentions. Such code runs separately, allowing you to handle various situations and problems more quickly. An asynchronous web application can be written in Python in multiple ways. Coroutines are one of two methods available in Python for writing asynchronous code. Alternatively, you may install a package called greenlet using pip. Unlike coroutines, greenlets allow a Python function to suspend execution and resume later. However, they do so completely differently, meaning there are two big groups in the Python async ecosystem.

App Scripting & Testing

Thanks to Python’s basic syntax, ease of use, & many libraries of pre-written code, scripting apps couldn’t be more accessible. Moreover, its easy integration with the language C (more on that later) opens up many possibilities for creating powerful web applications. APIs and software testing are also aided by it. Many popular testing frameworks are incorporated into the language, giving developers many options and a stable environment to experiment with.

Library Support

Remember, the backbone of any programming language is the number of libraries it supports. Speaking of which, Python has various yet excellent collections of libraries with pre-written code for the projects. Developers use multiple modules for the projects as the standard library equipped with tokens, syntaxes, and core modules. Python also offers the Python Package Index (PyPI), which is used for automating testing, writing documentation, handling databases, scripting web browsers, threading, email servers, and CGI. Other library examples include BeautifulSoup for HTML parsing and matplotlib for plotting charts and graphs.


Python can be used to create desktop GUIs and video games using a variety of frameworks, including Pyramid and Django. Designing middleware products across several platforms and a wide range of application domains is simple. General-purpose programming languages are suitable for security operations, website security, and information security.

Adaptability & Scalability

The language’s adaptability and the plethora of libraries full of pre-written code allow you to scale a project incredibly quickly. It’s also crucial if you have to change tack with a project and start building in a different direction. Businesses can create highly scalable, easy-to-maintain apps using Django, a popular Python framework. Django consists of a series of components that can be decoupled. The details can easily be altered, removed, and even replaced per the project’s requirements.

Enterprise Application Integration

The easy integration with other languages (such as Java, .Net, and PHP) traditionally used in enterprise software development makes it a popular choice for web development. Using Python, you can communicate directly with Java, C, and C++, allowing considerable process control and the implementation of the most common protocols and data formats.

Use in AI, ML & Data Science

AI, machine learning, and data science are the future, and Python is well-suited for developing innovative applications. Python is a general-purpose language that can be used to conduct a wide range of complex tasks. It is easy for developers to understand Python code, which makes it easier for everyone to understand the complex algorithms of AI and machine learning. Python offers efficient AI and machine learning packages, and tools for visualizing results and goes well beyond data analysis or other functions that benefit web app development. Businesses should consider Python web development when developing AI and machine learning software.

To Wrap Up

In today’s technologically advanced companies, MVPs are crucial. And programming in Python enables the development of applications at a much faster pace. Taking advantage of these benefits may reduce the need for startups to invest in and hire for different technologies repeatedly, which is a blessing in itself. Businesses should choose Python because it excels in overcoming any challenge with efficiency, speed, and quality that any other programming language cannot match. Large enterprises and startups should consider hiring a reliable Python development company or dedicated python developers to leverage its multitudes of benefits.


Python: An ideal language for developing web applications
Anup Mehrotra
Published on
June 20, 2022

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