Top 19 Vue UI Frameworks

Top 19 Vue UI Frameworks
A good UI isn’t just about a colorful button or image. It directly impacts how your customers view your brand and engage with it. This is why engaging and responsive UI helps increase customer engagement and lower churn rates.
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This is why you need to use an advanced framework to provide a top-notch user experience to your customers. And Vue.js development is a perfect fit for this as it can break down a webpage into multiple elements and make the entire process easier. So, in this article, we have mentioned N top VueUI frameworks that you can use in 2022.

But first, here’s a Quick Overview of Vue.JS:

A Javascript framework called Vue.js (sometimes known as Vue) is used to build SPAs. Thousands of front-end programmers all over the world use it frequently. Despite being relatively recent, Vue.js has given Angular a run for its money. Leveraging most of Angular and React resulted in the development of Vue. It essentially offers the perfect blend in a more compact form. Vue is the best option if you’re seeking a thoroughly engaging, compact, high-performance web development library.

Top 19 Vue UI Frameworks

1. Vuetify

This 35.3K-star-rated popular package provides approximately 80 Vue.js elements that adhere to Google’s materials design principles. The out-of-the-box installation of Vuetify includes 8 Vue-CLI layouts and covers all current browsers throughout systems, such as IE11 and Safari 9+ (using polyfills).

2. Quasar

Quasar is a well-liked framework for developing website designs powered by Vue.js, PWAs, hybrid smartphone applications, and Electron apps. Additionally, Quasar offers out-of-the-box compatibility for functionality like HTML/CSS/JS minification, cache busting, tree shaking, source mapping, code splitting and lazy loading, ES6 transpiling, linting, and usability.

3. Element

Element is a Vue.js 2.0 UI Toolkit for the Web. The library offers a wide range of customizable elements, a comprehensive style guide, additional resources, and a robust network with 350 contributors.

4. Vue Material

Vue-material is a straightforward toolkit that uses Google’s material design. The toolkit offers a web pack boilerplate, a Nuxt.js SSR layout, and a single HTML page to start the framework.

5. Keen-UI

The keen-UI collection of Vue elements was influenced by material design. However, Keen UI is not a CSS framework. Consequently, it lacks a grid system, different typographic styles, etc. Rather, the emphasis is on Javascript-required interactive elements.

6. Buefy

This package offers Bulma-based compact UI elements ents for Vue.js, being the only 2 main dependencies. The library is roughly 60KB min+gzip in size (with Bulma included).

7. Bootstrap Vue

Bootstrap-vue offers Vue.js versions of Bootstrap 4’s grid structure and elements, together with automatic WAI-ARIA accessibility markup.

8. AT-UI

AT-UI offers a flexible front-end UI model for developing quick web UI built with Vue.js that is appropriate for desktop applications. This toolkit is worthwhile because it features independent CSS styling and an NPM + Webpack + Babel front-end development approach.

9. Vux

Vux is a well-liked community library that uses WeUI and Vue 2.0 as its foundation. A process with Webpack, Vue-Loader, and Vux is also supported by the package.

10. iView

With around 16K stars, iView offers numerous Vue. Js-built UI widgets and elements that have a simple, attractive design. With a built-in CLI tool to aid in project creation visually, iView is extensively used, closely watched, and maintained.

11. Uiv

Uiv is a toolkit of Bootstrap 3 components for Vue 2. Vue and Bootstrap CSS have been the only outside dependents, and the total size of all components is less than 20KB. Also, There is assistance for Webpack-based workflows.

12. Fish-UI

Fish-UI offers a Vue-based toolkit containing attractive elements. The package supports a Webpack + ES2015 process. Although the instructions could be better, the design deserves attention.

13. Mint UI

Mint-UI offers UI components for Vue.js, along with CSS and JS elements for creating mobile apps. When everything is loaded, the compressed code only uses about 30kb (JS + CSS) of gzip storage. It is possible to import certain elements.

14. Vue Blu

Vue Blu, an Ui toolkit created for mid and back-end product development, is built on Vue 2.0 and Bulma. It has layouts that can be changed, features ES2015, and uses an NPM+Webpack+Babel methodology.

15. Ant design Vue

This Vue.js collaboration for Ant design is designed for building large-scale back-end solutions with thousands of elements adopting Ant design and includes a Webpack-based debugging build solution that works with ES6. Note that no new developments have been made recently.

16. Nuxt.js

The open-source Vue.js toolkit called Nuxt.js is simple to use and has a lot of functionality. SPAs, PWAs, fixed webpages, and mobile applications depending on Vue may all use Nuxt.js. Leveraging Vue, a client-server framework, Nuxt aids in the development of server-side rendered applications.

17. VuePress

A static website builder called VuePress was developed by Evan You and his colleagues. VuePress assists programmers in creating UI for specific website pages and apps (SPAs). Although the VuePress architecture is a component of Nuxt.js, it can also be used alone.

18. Equal

A TypeScript-based UI elements toolkit for Vue 3 is what Equal describes itself as. Due to the website’s simple documentation and attractive elements, it boasts a higher efficiency. The only thing it currently offers is an opinionated layout, which is more challenging to customize compared to the other toolkit in this list.

19. PrimeVUE

Prime Vue
PrimeVUE is regarded as one of the best Vue Ui frameworks, offering more than 80 elements. Its parts include password entry forms with sliders, indicators, charts, trees, diagrams, split buttons, knobs, and other elements.

How to choose the best Vue UI Framework?

How do you select the ideal element for your venture? Your search for the answer to this question may leave you perplexed. Choosing the excellent Vue UI framework is difficult, given that each component serves a distinct purpose. You might seek professional advice to determine the most refined element if you intend a specific application for your enterprise. You should search for parts that are risk-free and function well. Prior to anything else, you must comprehend the application’s target audience, organization type, and objectives. Additionally, consider the application’s features and capabilities. You can use all of these to develop an outstanding and perfect solution. Also, before using any tools or frameworks, be aware of their areas of expertise.


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Top 19 Vue UI Frameworks
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November 1, 2022

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