Software Testing Outsourcing: 10 Things You Need to Know Before

Software testing Outsourcing
Software testing is a critical component of every software development project and essential to any organization’s software development.  Infusing frequent changes into software, paired with rapid software development, raises the danger of distributing an incorrect package to the market. Regarding cost, software quality assurance accounts for over half of the project’s total cost. Creating and sustaining an internal QA department is thus a costly undertaking.  Outsourcing software testing is the most excellent choice in this case.

When should you Outsource Software testing?

Software testing is a separate process from software development. It is also true that this is not a primary commercial activity for most businesses. Allowing professional testing services to perform software testing helps your organization to focus on essential business objectives. This delivers the most outstanding results. It also saves money and time for the company, regardless of the size and complexity of the projects or the frequency of testing.

Things you need to know before Outsourcing Testing

Here’s a list of 10 things that you should consider before outsourcing testing services for your enterprise;

Saving on hiring costs can cost you more in the long run.

Do not select a software partner only because they have the most attractive pricing on the market. They may be expensive in terms of quality. The old saying is true: if you pay peanuts, you’ll get monkeys.  Thus, paying good-quality testers a bit extra is preferable to paying less for a legion of simple tests.  You might want to choose a vendor that offers you a team of testers for more economical prices, but in my experience, depending on a small group of talented testers is more successful than trusting unskilled labor.

Experience of the team matters

Because each industry has its business procedures, budging in testers who have never worked in your sector would only hinder your testing process. On the other hand, a team of QA specialists that understand your company will increase testing efficiency and assist in your hard work to guarantee that the areas with more business processes receive the highest testing priority.

Your outsourcing team should have the right resources.

Different businesses have different methods of doing things, therefore before entering into a cooperative contractual agreement, ask your prospective testing partner the following essential questions:
  • How do you keep track of problems when testing?
  • What tools do you use to find flaws?
  • How do you keep track of the time you spend testing?
  • How many people are on your team?

Hire the team or prefer Managed services

Staff augmentation is typically the best option if you require testers for a limited period. On the other hand, a multiyear managed service can be quite beneficial if your firm wants continuous assistance. The testing partner will be incentivized to complete the task more efficiently in a well-managed service regulated by your service-level agreements.

Keep in mind the team location

One of the most critical decisions is choosing an offshore or local testing organization. Offshoring has the potential to deliver high-quality services at affordable prices. Due to communication limitations, cultural differences, and language challenges, contracting work in another nation (i.e., offshore) involves higher risk. It may not be easy to contact the vendor team due to time zone variations. On the other hand, working with a team situated in the same nation eliminates any cultural, time-zone, and linguistic obstacles. When choosing an offshore service provider, ensure they can handle these challenges. As the ultimate aim of outsourcing, you should select a team that will eventually add value to your product while minimizing overall expenses. 

Look for cultural compatibility.

Your partner should learn about your company, its personnel, and the other suppliers who work on your projects. Can they function at your speed, transmit information in your way, and handle the degree of turmoil in your workplace?  It’s probably not a good match if they can’t manage how you operate, no matter how brilliant they are. Furthermore, if you want an excellent managed service, it is critical to have a lead in managing the responsibility.

Does your team support agile?

Even though the significance of agile methodology testing services is widely established and acknowledged, many businesses struggle to include quality in their agile ability. Choose a partner who shares your perspective on how testing fits into your development techniques. 

Choosing the right mix of offshore and outsourcing

Even though the significance of testing in agile processes is widely established and acknowledged, many businesses struggle to integrate testing and quality into their agile delivery methodologies.  Choose a partner who shares your perspective on how testing fits into your development techniques. You have an issue if, for example, you are utilizing agile, and your partner cannot begin testing until the requirements for the entire system are finished and delivered.

Examine those references

You will conduct your due diligence by verifying the references provided by the vendor, but you should explore more. What tools do your rivals employ? Which suppliers are making inroads within the industry? Examine the analysis report and conduct market research.  You will better understand your prospective vendor’s position and market share. After seeing the positive references, you should start taking on modest tasks and gradually extend the scope of responsibilities. 

Vision and creativity

To excel in the competition, you should fully understand and take advantage of potential service providers. When outsourcing testing, you should identify a partner who can provide recommendations based on industry trends, share knowledge, and present new ideas, fresh approaches, and various perspectives. A vendor that can assist you in concentrating your efforts on the appropriate areas, technologies, and trends is more likely to become a long-term strategic partner.

Final Thoughts

It is critical to recognize that your software product can only get momentum and remain in the market if it is high quality. When software testing outsourcing businesses are involved, they deliver rapid and optimal findings regarding your services, allowing you to increase their quality and aim for a speedier market release. Contact us immediately if you want to outsource your software testing needs.


Software Testing Outsourcing: 10 Things You Need to Know Before
John Ogden
Published on
December 10, 2022

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