Reasons Video Testimonials are the Highest Converting Tools of 2018

Reasons Video Testimonials are the Highest Converting Tools of 2018

In this digital marketing era, a question often arises as to why digital advertising is so important. Many even ask why it is being done. As the times changed, so has the ways of advertising. Google says, “Almost 85% of the population is consuming information through their mobile phones.” This shows how much preferences have shifted from Radio and Television to Computers, Laptops, and Smartphones; we have drifted drastically from simple marketing trends to Digital Marketing trends.

Any digital marketing technique is said to work if and only if it can bring conversion. With the right internet marketing strategy, either you can entice all your current customers, or you can make them look elsewhere. When we start discussing digital marketing, we often talk about how it has become a vast field and about the latest trends being followed.

Video Testimonials - Internet Marketing Strategy

Video Testimonials

It is a very effective technique. Customer testimonials have been in the market for ages and now the newer version of it, the video testimonials, are greatly used in building brand loyalty.

The Most Important Part of Advertising is Conversion

Advertisements should be so compelling that a customer cannot stop himself from investing or spending money on your business or products. If nothing else, it should entice them to check out what you have to offer. Our economy has become a review-based economy. Every customer has the power in his or her own hands; and because of this, trustworthy video testimonials can help a genuine business grow from 0 to 100 fast.

Reasons Why Video Testimonials are a Big – Yes!

Reasons why Video Testimonials are Important

Humans are Emotionally Driven Bots:

A very famous quote states “we generally forget what other people say or what they do to us, but we always remember how they make us feel.” This is a fair example to justify the above-mentioned statement. When it comes to triggering human emotions, Videos are the best.

Our brain interprets videos in a very different manner. The neurons in our brain fire while we are watching the videos so that we can often feel exactly like the person in the video is feeling. That is why video is so great at creating an emotional connection. Therefore, if a person in your video testimonial is happy with your service then, the person watching the video picks up on that impression and will be more likely to trust your product.

Audios and Videos are More Retainable:

The easiest way to convince you is by giving a simple example, i.e., of ads that appear on television. I bet you can remember a whole video concept if you see the product that is being advertised. You may even be able to recite a few statements from the same well-created ad. Now, do you remember any ad you from the newspaper you read last week? Probably not.

Therefore, this is the biggest difference between a video and audio retention rate. If your product is well remembered by your customers, what else do you need?

Videos are Often Preferred:

I agree with this point. To gather information about something, I usually prefer a video over reading about it because the information is processed fast and retained for a longer period.

Let us look at one simple example, Mobile Un-boxing videos. These are very popular, and many You-Tubers are earning and have earned millions by making these videos. Why do you think these are so popular? It is because everyone likes to imagine how that phone would feel in their hands. Since well-made videos create that same experience for us, we like watching these videos to see the item rather than reading review articles.

Videos are Shared Twelve Times More Often Than Text or Images:

The videos that add value to a customer are most likely to get more shares. If you have followed the above strategies, you have already created a strong relationship with your customers, and it is time to add value for your customers. Let’s look at how Samsung, Intel and, other big brands get their videos shared. They add a beautiful message and an emotion point to their videos which helps their video get more and more shares.

Video Testimonials Conversions:

The ultimate goal of marketing is to convert potential customers into paying ones. An easy example to prove this statement can be Amazon. Earlier, Amazon was simply uploading images of the products they are selling online from multiple angles. Now, you will often find a how-to video or a demonstration video for many of their products as well. This is because people get a better idea about the actual product by watching the videos. That is the reason why customer reviews are of utmost importance to an organization. Moreover, many big brands are sending their products to YouTubers for reviewing it for free. These brands are probably doing this because they are generating revenue out of it, and this has lead to a very transparent market where nothing is hidden from the customer.

Keep in Mind

Your video testimonials can completely change the perspective of your customers towards your product, so make sure that the video that you make is up to the mark. If it shows a bit less than what you are delivering, you may face a loss.
Remember that your customer is everything to you, and to retain him, you have to promote your products intelligently. Video testimonials are an important aspect of lead generation programs now, and it is always included in every Go-to-Market model designed by a digital marketing agency.


Reasons Video Testimonials are the Highest Converting Tools of 2018
Kevin, Vice President - Digital Marketing
Published on
November 12, 2018

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