How to Hire Proficient Remote Java Developers in 2023

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When it comes to mobile app development, Java is the preferred choice of many business owners and developers. It is also one of the most popular programming languages in the IT industry owing to its platform-independent, object-oriented, and secured nature.

But, it is also a complex language. You would require assistance from expert Java developers to work on your project and fully use its features. Now, where can you find such resources, and how?

The demand for skilled and experienced developers continues to grow. There will be a shortage of 4 million developers by 2025 – IDC, a leading market intelligence firm.

Seeing the tech talent crunch and the increasing need for Java developers, it makes perfect sense to widen your radius and look for remote Java developers that can fulfill your project needs. Here are some of the benefits of hiring resources remotely: 

  • You will be able to hire from anywhere in the world without competing for local talent
  • You can look for deeper software and niche-specific expertise
  • Less operational expenses as they will be working from home. You can also save payroll taxes.
  • You will be able to scale up or scale down as and when required.

In addition, when you work with remote developers, you get the ability to use skills that are tried and tested globally. Having worked on several projects, remote Java developers have good exposure to challenges and difficulties that may arise during development. Let’s now check out what skills you should look for while hiring remote Java developers for your project.

Hiring Remote Java Developers: What are Skills You Should Look For?

You may find many profiles when looking for developers to work on your project. And several options make it challenging to choose the right one. You can start the hiring process by ensuring the resources you hire to have all the required skills for your project. 

While a Java developer may not have all the skills mentioned below, make sure they possess the skills needed for your business needs.

While these are just the basic requirements to shortlist the candidates, there is much more you need to see before making a decision. For example, check their communication skills, past work, or you may reach out to their former clients for testimonials. Your final decision should be the outcome of all these careful considerations.

How to Hire Java Developers Online: 5-Easy Steps to Seal a Profitable Deal

The success and failure of your project will depend a lot on the resource you hire. Thus, it is not surprising that hiring top Java talent can need a tedious recruitment process. But we can help you simplify it with proper and well-defined steps. Here is how you can get started:

1. Check for Certifications

It is not necessary that the resources you hire must possess a computer science degree. However, they must have some certifications to prove the work they have done or the expertise they hold. There are some popular Java certifications that you should look for, and these are:

Certification for Java developers

Java development is a continuously evolving industry. Thus, constant learning should be a part of being a Java developer. Make sure you ask about certifications before closing a deal with Java programmers. The more certifications they have, the better it will be for your project.

Certification does not just prove what you know, it also shows your commitment to skill development – Kate Jones, Oracle University.

2. Essential Skills

Before selecting remote Java programmers for your project, you need to specify certain ” must-haves” skills for your project. In addition, you should also define skills that are “nice to have” in a candidate. This list will help you filter out the perfect resources from a wide pool of candidates, making your recruitment process easier and hassle-free. But make sure the developers you hire can code fluently in JavaScript and other related technologies. They must also be great problem solvers as you may come across several challenges while developing software in Java, and you need a candidate who can help you solve all of them efficiently and patiently.

3. Development Experience

It can help if you check out the past project of developers you are planning to hire to identify their core Java skills. You should ask them about their challenges and how they tackled them for the best possible results. Hiring Java developers with at least two years of experience is always recommended. You need resources that are not just proficient in writing code but in code optimization as well. In addition, make sure you check the mindset of a candidate before hiring. For example, instead of reinventing the wheel, they must believe in using all the open-source Java code out there to help you save maximum time and cost.

4. Communication Skills

Java developers are required to coordinate with several teams, stakeholders, business developers, testers, and their other team members. Thus, they must also possess non-technical skills like communication, time management, and interpersonal skills. So, ensure you hire a candidate who can collaborate and communicate with you and your team members properly.

5. Specify the Right Engagement Model

Before you even start your recruitment process, you must define your preferred engagement model to save time and effort. You can choose to either hire a dedicated team for your project or go with a fixed price model depending on your business needs and budget. Here are the three most commonly used engagement models in the software development industry:

Dedicated Team Fixed Price Time & Material
Definition You hire a dedicated remote team of developers to work on your project You set a predetermined value depending on the scope of work You pay for the time and the material used during the development
Timeline and Budget Flexible Fixed Flexible
Client’s Control Full Little Significant
Development Methodology Agile/Waterfall Waterfall Agile
Requirements Evolving Defined  Changing
When to Use?  For large-sized projects For small to medium-sized projects For medium to large-sized projects

Wrapping Up

There are numerous benefits to hiring developers remotely, ranging from saving time during the hiring process to having the ability to work with industry professionals at a low cost. If you are planning to hire the right Java Development Team for your project, Netsmartz can be your one-stop shop. We are outsourcing development partners of many global brands, and they trust us to develop robust and high-performing solutions. We can provide you with pre-vetted and experienced developers ready to work on your preferred engagement model.

Hire our dedicated team of Java developers and take your business dreams for a spin.

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How to Hire Proficient Remote Java Developers in 2023
Parth Gargish
Published on
December 23, 2022

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