Looking for an Offshore Development Team? Here is a Checklist to Know More about Outsourcing

Looking for an Offshore Development Team? Here is a Checklist to Know More about Outsourcing

Undoubtedly, starting a company has never been an easy task. However, there is good news for those who are super excited about starting their new venture. Have you ever thought of grabbing an outsourcing opportunity to boost up your business? If not, then think about it on a serious note.

These outsourcing solutions are best considered to save resources and the time spent on various business tasks. Don’t you want your startup to be more flexible and adaptable to the changes? Besides, outsourcing facilitates an impressive access to a very competitive and dedicated development team. Overall, it triggers high levels of productivity at relatively reduced costs. It has been proved that outsourcing can save company’s 60 percent on overhead costs.

Have a close look at the following things to know more about outsourcing –

Always look for a personalized communication

Are you looking for an offshore development team? It is of utmost importance to ask for a personalized communication. If the team offers no guarantee, you should not outsource it. This is because you will definitely face the technical errors after the project is completed. It is also important to be aware of the time zone difference that will help you to make smart decisions about when to outsource the services.

Determine the technology standards you are using

It is of great significance to determine the technology standards that you are using. Are you planning to develop a website for your startup? Then, you just cannot end up hiring the professionals who do not understand the responsive design.

Choose the relevant outsourcing team

How can you make a better judgement that whether you need to hire an agency or freelancers? Especially when you are tight on budget, this decision becomes more important. Thus, it is important to conduct a thorough research prior to going for it.

Go for regular updates on your progress

When you hire an outsourcing company, it is important that you keep abreast of behind-the-scene processes. You just cannot relinquish your whole tasks to a third party with their full control on the company’s development. Therefore, you need to get regular updates to keep updated with the processes.

Just care about this checklist to assure that your start up is in good hands whenever you outsource the development. Do you want to be more creative, productive and tenacious? Best time to consider outsourcing as your master key.

UK Hiring Crisis eventually found outsourcing as a savior

This February witnessed three consecutive months of staffing crisis faced by the key employers as UK denied the visas of their skilled workers. Moreover, the increase in minimum salary is also making the process of overseas recruitment quite difficult. Therefore, the business owners ended up paying extra just to make it sure that their skilled workers get their visas on time in the next month. This problem has taken its toll over the tech startups and businesses who are struggling hard to look for the best talent locally. Moreover, the companies who just cannot afford to pay for the visas are sitting helpless.

Concerned about it, various firms selected the cloud employee as their outsourcing partner who comes up with a great solution to facilitate businesses to build a highly dedicated offshore development team. The best part is that the firms do not have to pay for any recruitment fees, high spec equipment for the offshore developers and have a hassle free outsourcing environment.

Thus, outsourcing has helped the firms to focus more on their niche rather than trying to fiddle with things that are outside their areas of expertise. Nothing can be much better than switching to an outsourced company and expect more benefits.


Looking for an Offshore Development Team? Here is a Checklist to Know More about Outsourcing
Anup Mehrotra
Published on
January 3, 2018

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