How to Use LinkedIn Remarketing for Effective Conversion Rate Optimization

You may or may not know that 97 percent of social media leads generated by a business come from LinkedIn. This means that it essential for every business hunting for leads to turn its sights on LinkedIn to optimize and drive conversions.
Though conversions are not necessarily about sales, LinkedIn brings many benefits in the forms of content downloads registration, etc. since conversions have a different meaning for different businesses. And, naturally, conversion type which is most suitable or required for your business will be the one which you may choose as a goal when looking for paid advertising services.

However, the most significant aspect of using LinkedIn for marketing is how to improve the conversion rate for business using LinkedIn? Let’s explore.

Choose the Right Audience

What determines the success of your LinkedIn marketing or ads, is your choice of audience. It is essential that you aim your campaigns at the right people when looking for conversions from LinkedIn.

When you’re inefficient on how you target your campaign, you deprive yourself of clicks and make your ad lose interest on LinkedIn. In the end, you pay a high price for every single lead you received from your ads.

Therefore, target a narrower audience when considering the group or category that can help your business. A great way to find the best areas is to check your current client personas to find the common areas to help plan for the best audience. Ultimately, you will end up with a better demographic suitable for your conversion needs.

Be Creative with Your Ad Copy

Once you have determined your audience, the next thing to focus on is how to grab the attention of your target audience. This means you must create content unique to differentiate yourself from other posts on LinkedIn. Spend time reviewing your ad to develop a copy that is compelling to a user.

Creating great copy is about meeting the expectations of your audience, and that depends on the target industry and their interests. Since the context of the ad defines the scope of the engagement, you must work on content marketing plan that find ways to create eye-catching material.

For instance, if you own a chauffeur service business, it may not make sense to most on LinkedIn since because of its type of professional platform. However, advertising your business to those who fly very frequently gives a better chance of conversion as traveller’s often need chauffeur services to and from an airport and hotel.

In other words, when you are advertising on LinkedIn, it needs you to know people who will see your ad, the content you advertise, and the way you present it. You can even seek conversions by restricting the professional boundaries and advertising through content that people see when they’re looking at blogs, stories, or links to other informational resources.

Test Your Ad Content

If you are concerned about the growth of your business and do not want to spend money on non-productive LinkedIn ads, make sure you check your content.

Though you may have created a great copy on your first try, for taking that content on LinkedIn, you need to understand the scope for improvement while seeking opportunities.

Therefore, you can start by creating multiple ads with your content and share it with diverse people or groups to measure the performance. This can be a critical phase of advertising because this is where you dig into the content to find the best format and design for an effective campaign.

Take Advantage of Rich Content Pages

The process of constructing a better conversion rate on the LinkedIn rate means you need relevant and rich landing pages. Make sure you never mislead your audience and pay close attention to how you craft the landing pages you use for your advertising campaign.

A great ad copy that is not paired with a rich landing page could make you miss conversion opportunities. However, if you need to set the momentum, having a landing page that is informative and rich in content, and serves the interests of the audience could be excellent.

Moreover, it is essential to design a page that is informative and easy to navigate. For this, you can always count on some digital marketing experts who can help you ensure that your audience never has to struggle to explore your content.

Plan Organic Posts First

Most businesses that haven’t had experience advertising on social media are often hesitant with the concept. In such a case, they can always try the same content with organic posts to measure the interaction it can bring for the business. Organic social media uses the free services and tools provided by the platform.

It will help you understand the scope of your content, including the essential insights related to your audience. Plus, if you are successful in building the expected engagement, the same content could be posted on your ads.


The process to improve your conversion rate on LinkedIn includes your need to understand all the factors that may affect your campaign. Either the ad content or the landing page is targeted, so they should both lead to an engaging and informative experience for users. It is also vital to learn how to test multiple versions of your ads so that you only proceed with those that have the potential to reach the benchmarks you’ve defined for your business.

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How to Use LinkedIn Remarketing for Effective Conversion Rate Optimization
Kevin, Vice President - Digital Marketing
Published on
April 6, 2020

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