A New Frontier for Hotels: Integrating Technology to Enhance Services

A New Frontier for Hotels Integrating Technology to Enhance Services

Hotels leave no stone unturned in their quest for supremacy amidst intense competition, and technology is a crucial asset in their arsenal that they utilize with finesse.

With technology in a perpetual state of change, constantly presenting novel ways to enhance customer satisfaction and improve operational efficiency, hotels must rise to the occasion and leverage these opportunities to stay ahead of the competition.

Guest Delight: 6 Smart Ways Hotels Can Use Technology to Improve the Customer Experience

Elevate & Enrich the Guest Experience

Most of the technologies employed within the hospitality industry are one that contributes heavily to making check-in and out processes seamless and easy. Electronic kiosks are stationed to help with check-in and check-out procedures. Smartphones are encouraged to use their smartphones as a key to open doors. This is already common.

6 Smart Ways Hotels Can Use Technology to Improve the Customer Experience

Here are various not-so-famous ways to use hi-tech to enrich and elevate guest experience within the hospitality industry:

1. Voice-Controlled Room Experience

It’s time to bid goodbye to remotes! Hotel Rooms can now be equipped with Voice-Enabled Smart Hubs, allowing guests to manage the temperature, lighting, and entertainment devices using voice control. You can partner with smart hubs such as Amazon Echo. The Wynn Hotel & Resort in Las Vegas has implemented this system.

With voice command and control, the industry can thrive as it provides:

  • Personalization
  • Deliver superior customer experience
  • The added factor for marketability

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2. Digital Concierge Services

A digital concierge has emerged as a game-changer for the hospitality industry by facilitating a smooth customer journey from pre-booking to post-stay. This cutting-edge solution is digitally optimized to provide guests with a top-notch customer service experience, enabling them to address queries, confirm bookings and liaise with the front desk to overcome any obstacles.

A few benefits of employing digital concierge services in the hospitality industry:

  • Rely Lesser on Human Resources
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Increase Efficiency for Guests
  • Easy Promotion of Other Services Provided within the Facility

3. Futuristic Luggage Management System

Today, with the advancement in AI technology, using robotics can delight guests and give them an awe-binding factor to their customer experience; while also making the most of small spaces for luggage management.

Use Case for these Robotic Luggage Management System

With a perfect blend of contemporary hospitality and space-saving ingenuity, Yotel Hotels have revolutionized the check-in process with its fully automated service. Guests are welcomed by Yobot, an illuminated robotic baggage drop-off machine that theatrically stores their belongings, creating a delightful mechanical performance.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for the innovative Yotel, known for its capsule-style accommodation, with hotels in London, New York, and Amsterdam.

4. Enhanced Targeting

Leveraging technology, hotels can enhance their marketing strategy by targeting prospects and customers precisely. By reminding business guests of their meeting schedules and offering special deals and discounts to specific groups, such as convention attendees, hotels can optimize their marketing costs and improve their outreach efficiency in real-time.

5. Streamline Internal Operations

Utilizing technology allows hotels to transform their internal processes and create a lean, seamless operation. Customer relationship management (CRM) suites provide a central console for managing guest information, allowing personalized and efficient interactions. 

Meanwhile, marketing automation suites enable hotels to automate marketing campaigns, saving time and effort. Deep analytics can be leveraged to tailor packages that cater to individual guest preferences, enhancing the overall guest experience.

For instance, vacation packages may include sightseeing trips, while business packages may offer access to meeting rooms, enhancing the guest experience and adding value to their stay.

6. Virtual Tours

Have become a must-have for hotels as modern travelers demand to see their potential accommodation before booking. A staggering 92% of internet users believe viewing a 360-degree panorama is essential to their online browsing experience. By incorporating virtual tours into their online presence, hotels can reduce wasted viewings by 40% and increase clicks by 10 times compared to those without a tour.

The beauty of virtual tours lies in the control it gives the viewer. With the freedom to explore the hotel from multiple angles and at their own pace, guests can gain unprecedented knowledge about their future stay without leaving their desktop or smartphone. The result? A cutting-edge and fun marketing experience that adds a wow factor to any hotel website.

Additional Tip: By adopting a Google virtual tour, hotels can improve search engine ranking and get featured prominently on Google Hotel Finder. So, don’t miss out on this essential technology that can help cultivate more bookings and satisfy modern travelers’ expectations.

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Hotels are using technology to enhance the guest experience in exciting ways. Voice-controlled room experiences allow guests to control their surroundings using voice commands. Digital concierge services provide a seamless customer journey from pre-booking to post-stay. Futuristic luggage management systems utilize robotics to impress guests and optimize space. Enhanced targeting helps hotels tailor their marketing efforts to specific groups. By integrating technology, hotels can create a personalized and memorable experience for their guests while improving efficiency and marketing effectiveness.

Unlock the power of technology to elevate your hotel’s services.

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A New Frontier for Hotels: Integrating Technology to Enhance Services
John Ogden
Published on
June 23, 2023

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