Create Meaningful eLearning Experiences with Rapid Authoring Tools

The winds of change in the training landscape have taken a toll on eLearning professionals. How can you keep up with what users are expecting to see when studying the content you create? You may want to include various engaging mechanisms in your course, such as badges, leader boards, quizzes, and other interesting activities. Sadly, that’s when time turns into a major constraint. How do you offer all the incentives and interactive study without going over budget and ensuring the timely completion of your digital courses? The ANSWER is Rapid eLearning Authoring Tools! These advanced tools used for developing eLearning courses are quickly transforming the training landscape. True to their name, Rapid eLearning Authoring Tools cut down course development time by almost 40% in comparison to their conventional counterparts, like Flash.

What are Rapid eLearning Authoring Tools?

These tools are design platforms, either web-based or locally hosted, which allow eLearning professionals to create designs through interactive and multi-media content, providing meaningful eLearning experiences. Here are 5 benefits of using Rapid eLearning Authoring Tools.

Easy Repurposing of the Existing eLearning Content

Organizations are continually evolving; for instance, company products are updated or newly developed, sales directions change, and general technology use evolves. To meet the constantly changing needs and demands of staff and users, eLearning courses need to be regularly updated. This is where rapid eLearning development tools come to the rescue of developers and designers who must implement sudden amendments in the courses on a deadline. These tools make it possible to easily repurpose any pertinent learning material, provided it is in digital form. For example, instead of redesigning an engaging scenario from scratch, you can just edit the existing one using a rapid eLearning authoring tool and upload it on your eLearning platform.

Accessible for All

One of the biggest advantages of many of these tools is that once they are installed, you can use them anytime from anywhere to create eLearning content. Each have several easy-to-use features which allows you to create interactive courses, multi-media presentations, and other eLearning materials for any subject matter in no time. It doesn’t matter whether you are an amateur or have prior design experience – they can be a time saver!

Cut Down eLearning Course Development Time

Most of the popular Rapid eLearning Development Tools, such as Articulate 360, Captivate, and Camtasia, come with various eLearning templates and themes which you can drag and drop in your eLearning courses. This even makes eLearning development possible for those who do not have experience in graphic design. These tools typically include user-friendly and intuitive interfaces to allow for fast and easy multimedia creation. Having a reduction in the eLearning development time using such tools further enables you to keep on track with your project schedule.

Reduce eLearning Development Costs

Cutting down on eLearning development time leads to cost reduction. If you’re currently considering a Learning Management System (LMS) which has integrated rapid authoring tools, you can usually save quite a bit of money if you opt to use third party tools. That’s because most LMS vendors charge a high fee for rapid eLearning authoring tool add-ons. When you consider how much time these tools can save, you may notice that your workforce cost is lower that it would be. Make sure you take that in consideration when shopping around for the best tools for your project.

Publish to Various eLearning Platforms

The demands of learners have changed over the years and so have the mediums to access the desired information. They now want to access information anytime, anywhere; and rapid authoring tools have made it possible. HTML5-based courses can be published easily across various platforms, ranging from tablets and mobile devices to laptops and desktop computers. What works in favor of rapid eLearning tools is that they’re updated according to the latest technology trends in eLearning. This way, the courses you develop are never dated in terms of content or the technology needed for publishing them across different platforms. Before you get excited about these benefits, make sure you do your research about the various eLearning platforms to find the right rapid eLearning authoring tool with the features you need and want.


Create Meaningful eLearning Experiences with Rapid Authoring Tools
Umesh Goyal, Vice President
Published on
April 2, 2018

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