Why Angular is a Much Loved Framework for Web Development?

Angular right choice from web development

The Angular framework remains the most popular JavaScript framework among numerous others. Name any top website from any niche— like Google, YouTube— you will find Angular behind the development.

Angular has become one of the most popular web frameworks among early-stage companies when it comes to front-end development.
Despite all doubts to the contrary, it is still popular among software developers in 2022. In just a few years, this framework has progressed tremendously.

Before we introduce Angular, many of you might be wondering why businesses prefer AngularJS.

“While just focused on web frameworks, jQuery outshines the monarch; according to the StackOverflow survey report, it is progressively losing ground to React and Angular with each passing year.”

Let’s keep it simple for you!

What is Angular & why is it the best choice for web applications?

Angular is a prevalent web development framework that offers rich user experiences, quick responsiveness, and maintainability.

In the Stack Overflow Survey 2021, it is the fourth most popular front-end web framework. Businesses today strive to have a very successful online presence.

Google introduced Angular in 2009 to help with web development. It’s regarded as one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks for front-end development.

Since 2010, Angular has been in the industry, with ongoing developments in prior versions. It has gained traction in the world of web application development.

Angular offers a well-defined architecture and ready-to-use frameworks that help developers save time by providing a collection of general functionalities. In other words, because fewer teachers are necessary to learn how to utilize the platform, mobile app development companies can import less code.

The Reasons Why Angular is Considered a Winner

Believe it or not, for the past several years, Angular has been blazing a route in web app development. The majority of businesses want to hire an experienced Angular js developer. Here are some of the framework’s superpowers that make it the most desired and beloved framework among developers.

Here are the reasons explaining why Angular is the best pick and much loved by developers and businesses—

Google Supported and Maintained

When it comes to designing web apps, most developers prefer Google’s assistance. Angular, a best-fit to create web applications, is eligible for Google’s Long-Term Support (LTS). LTS reveals Google’s intention to continue with the framework and expand the platform’s capabilities.

Angular is being used in Google projects, and the team is optimistic about its stability. Other Angular developers will also have the chance to learn from Google’s certified Angular experts.

Declarative User Interface

Consider the difference between utilizing HTML and JavaScript to define the UI of your online application. That’s much easier and less complicated, and Angular makes it possible.

HTML incorporates intuitive and declarative attributes into the UI, eliminating the need to build program processes manually. By declaring how the page will look and where the data will go, the declarative UI of Angular will automatically load the components.

Developers Get a Lot of Help

Angular has excellent documentation with each new version, allowing developers to rapidly access the essential information, develop technical solutions, and tackle emergent challenges.

A Huge Shift From MVC to a Component-Based Architecture

The component-based architecture introduced in the second edition of Angular ensures that the program is divided into independent logical and functional components. Engaging a mobile app developer makes it much easier to replace or detach pieces and reuse them in other parts of the program.

PWA & SPA are Made Easier

With Angular Progressive Web Application (PWA), websites can be turned into mobile applications at a low cost. It decreases dependence on the network while also improving the user experience. When it comes to PWA, caching works well and saves bandwidth whenever possible. It reduces the chances of serving out-of-date content.

Angular also makes it easier to create single-page apps (SPAs), which use server-side rendering to improve SEO rankings. Moreover, it speeds up the loading of the initial page and enhances the website’s performance on mobile and low-powered devices.

CLI Automates the Entire Development Process

One of the most popular features among large Angular app development companies is this feature. It allows them to automate the entire development process, making app setup, configuration, and development simple.

With a few easy keystrokes, organizations can add functionality to any on-demand web app, run units, and conduct end-to-end tests. It not only boosts the development process but also enhances the code quality.

The Best Angular Websites

Many prominent organizations utilize Angular for their websites because of the numerous benefits outlined above, including:

  • Microsoft
  • Forbes
  • Google Marketing Platform
  • IBM
  • PayPal

It shows that Angular is already a market leader in web development frameworks and a favored choice for Fortune 500 companies. It’s a framework for developers aiming to create next-generation projects with fantastic technology and practical functionality. And if you’re one of them, you should attend Angular!

To Wrap Up

The above mentioned reasons clearly state that in 2022, Angular will hold immense value for developers, business owners, and entrepreneurs. Business success depends on developing single-page applications, web apps, and responsive websites.

However, developing an angular website takes far less time, is ready for market in record time, and provides breathtaking user experiences every time. It also gives you the most elaborate and efficient tools to work with.

Get in touch with our Angular experts for a free consultation at any time to help your business grow.


Why Angular is a Much Loved Framework for Web Development?
Anup Mehrotra
Published on
May 24, 2022

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