Outsourced or In-house software development teams during COVID 19!

Outsourced or In-house software development teams during COVID 19!

Software development companies have always produced remarkable solutions with the intent of supporting in superior-good for mankind. However, sometimes there is an obstruction in the normal routine of human beings that further leads to disturbance in the regular lives of everybody. One such epidemic recognized as COVID 19 has taken over the globe where most of the countries are combating this crisis at present. Being a major concern throughout the globe, Coronavirus is disrupting the tech world universally!
This viral outbreak initiated from China has spread out over all the continents, affecting human lives and their daily schedules worldwide. Isolation and keeping physical distance are the only ways to prevent this outbreak. Otherwise, it can be fatal if not taken critically, the penalty of which has been observed through the deaths of thousands of humans over the world.
To prevent the effects of Novel Coronavirus; we require to adopt a complete isolation method by staying at home and away from any sort of gathering. However, this is a major issue for the tech world where teamwork, solution development, In-house software development teams and software development services are the only means further for the IT companies.

Big Tech Giants Disturbed by Coronavirus

Almost all tech companies have impeded their business plans and projects that require travel, launches and extensive one-on-one collaborations between different teams and departments. This covers some big tech giant such as Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Cargill, Salesforce and Twitter who has adopted serious safety measures against this COVID 19.
As a result, some major tech events like Mobile World Congress have been canceled and some online events such as Google next and Adobe summit have been organized.

Best Resolutions for Tech Disruption during COVID 19

Here are the best resolutions for software industry environment-related issues as COVID 19 disrupts tech world across the globe:

  • Remote work for IT workforce
  • Outsourcing software development teams

We will now explore these solutions for the tech companies affected by COVID 19 briefly. Most of the B2B and B2C companies can also avail benefit from these solutions.

Remote Work for IT Workforce

As we all know the show must go on, the software companies need their work to be done and existing in-house employees require salaries in order to keep themselves buoyant. Due to the severity of this epidemic, the software industry is majorly enduring. Moreover, if all the precautions are taken, the virus spread has been restricted via avoiding handshakes and keeping a distance of at least 3-6 feet between in house employees. Unfortunately, it is not possible for most of the software companies to work even under such precautionary measures due to lockdown conditions, space or existing infrastructure issues, employees’ health care reasons, and others. That’s why software companies are now encouraging their staff to work from home. For instance, Twitter has recently issued a company-wide policy for its staff to continue their work by staying online and working remotely or from home.

Outsourcing the Software Development Teams

In some cases, a majority of companies also may require to go forth after COVID 19 by hiring an offshore development firm. This offshore hiring method can boost the software development process suffering due to the non-availability of the existing employees amid the COVID 19 pandemic.
In the last, it is easily concluded that outsourcing software development teams is much more beneficial during this world health emergency condition due to COVID 19 pandemic. It is important for every software development company to stay protected and ethical in this stringent time. Netsmartz encourages a safe and healthy environment for its workforce occupied in software development and IT services.
If you are looking for offshore development team to assist you in producing the next big solution in the software industry, it is high time to contact Netsmartz with confidence today!


Outsourced or In-house software development teams during COVID 19!
Anup Mehrotra
Published on
June 4, 2020

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