Make eLearning Localization a Great Success with Effective Strategies


Are you aware of the fact that you can actually save bucks by making switch to eLearning? It is evident that many organizations has come up with improved customer services and much more profits with it. Still need some more to get convinced? Have a sneak peak at its few benefits. The companies can get the learners by their side by providing them with the relevant and personalized content. Moreover, the learners can expect a quick delivery cycle times by cutting down the required training time. The organizations can easily create and communicate new policies, training, ideas and concepts. Moreover, the message can be communicated in a consistent fashion.

Umesh Goyal

Keeping in mind the various benefits of eLearning, it’s high time to acknowledge the strategies required for eLearning localization –

Beware of the cultural variations

It is a fact that one training wouldn’t fit all cultures, thus it is of high significance to focus on and incorporate all these cultural differences and nuisances in the localized training programs. Employees need to be made aware of such cultural variations. Apart from words and symbols, colors too have different significance in different places. Therefore, it is very important to look for the different interpretations of these words, signs and colors.

Plan an effective strategy

It is a great idea to create a design approach that is localization friendly. The user interface needs to be learner friendly and intuitive irrespective of the language. Images and graphics should be created keeping into account that these can be replaced easily. Avoid adding any text on the images. It is better to avoid such phrases that are difficult to be translated into another language.

Always hire the qualified professionals

Make sure that you always hire a professional to make eLearning localization a great success. Definitely, you need someone reliable who can work the best for your project. Moreover, a professional translator will assist you in finding the proper counterpart in the target language of your eLearning.

Make use of international presentation

Use international presentation to develop the content of your eLearning course. It is advisable to make use of globally accepted formats for numbers, graphics, images and currencies. The content needs to follow geo-specific terminology. Thus, it is important that it should adhere to the standards of the language.

Thus, these strategies are great enough to provide you with an attractive eLearning platform. Indeed, it just needs a lot of knowledge, efforts and investment.


Make eLearning Localization a Great Success with Effective Strategies
Umesh Goyal, Vice President
Published on
February 12, 2018

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