How to Better Hire and Retain Software Developers?

strategies of hiring and retaining software development team

Today’s job market makes hiring and retaining good software developers difficult. However, you can hire software developers if you offer the right perks, the right vision, and the right purpose and scope in development.

Developers are essential to your business. Today, developers have pretty much-unlimited employment options particularly in the US.

An online search can find them a job that is even more exciting than what they have.

US tech attrition rate has reached 13.2%, the highest segment. A new report by the Software Development Guild (SDG) shows that great developers are hard to find and hard to retain. However, software developers are in high demand.

The need to know all the components of an application is one of the biggest barriers to entry for new coders.

An excellent workplace for developers doesn’t need to replace the feelings of purpose and to belong from an in-person office. Instead, it needs to embrace remote work’s many potential productivity benefits. Setting up the right culture opens up opportunities for impact, growth, and connection.

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Are you having trouble hiring software developers? These tips will help you build a workplace that attracts top talent.

Hire and Retain Software Developers for Fluid and Agile Software Development

1. Developing a digital workplace to support developers

Open-source communities provide many of the new technologies that developers enjoy. It is responsible for introducing popular programming languages like Go, JavaScript, and Rust. AWS, GCP, and Digital Ocean would not exist without open source.

39% of software developers want to work with the latest technologies.

The main reason companies embrace open source is to increase developer satisfaction. Open-source increases the success of projects. It allows for faster application development. The developers can optimize productivity, learn new techniques and experiment with other open-source projects.

2. Give Them the Right Tools

If you want your developers to succeed at their job, you must give them the tools they need to succeed. It means desktop machines, ergonomic desks and chairs, as many monitors as they require, and suitable keyboards and mice for them to work on.

Although it might seem like you’re only catering to the few, those few are what keep your delivery pipelines humming, so they need everything they need.

Think about this: You might feel like you are pandering to your child’s every whim. That doesn’t mean you must cater to their every whim, however. Sometimes their needs are very similar.

3. Work Towards CI/CD

Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) should be a goal for all businesses.

It will help dramatically speed up delivery and challenge your developers in new and exciting ways. Knowing that you want to employ CI/CD tells developers that you are serious about taking your business to the next level.

One thing to remember when adopting CI/CD: it is challenging. Expect the adoption to take some time, and know there will be bumps. This will be an entirely new way of working for everyone involved.

4. The risks of ignoring developer needs

Software developers need tools to focus on their work while enjoying frictionless collaboration. You need to integrate toolsets and give developers full visibility and control over the entire stack to attract or retain talented software developers in a cross-functional organization.

Collaboration platforms help developers stay in the flow, reduce toil and increase efficiency. Furthermore, this approach minimizes the frustration resulting from tool fragmentation.

Fragmentation breeds frustration, leading to discontent at the workplace and developer exodus. Due to the ongoing talent shortage, it will become increasingly difficult to replace skilled developers.

To Wrap Up

With the above mentioned guidelines, you’ll find it just as easy to keep software developers on staff as it is to keep regular employees. While you might need to take a few extra precautions, the return on investment will be well worth the extra effort.

Meanwhile, you can also consider hiring dedicated developers, or remote development teams to bolster and improve your production cycle and improve your time to market – especially if you’re keen on extending your team without additional overheads and costs related to hiring.


How to Better Hire and Retain Software Developers?
Anup Mehrotra
Published on
April 6, 2022

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